Monday, September 01, 2008

I Survived San Diego Scrapbook Expo...

but my credit cards are on the critical list! I shopped until I dropped! I had a blast with my friends and spent two days focusing on ME. I came home tired and cranky, but with my mojo zippin'.

I have to say, this year's Expo was not as great as others I have attended. There were fewer big name manufacturers and fewer good bargains. There was a lot of old paper lines for sale, and not a lot of new. There was a lot of product that did not appeal to me - or was not my style. But I still did some major damage! I was happy to find a few paper lines that I had missed out on that were released in the spring or last winter. I also found some yummy NEW Basic Grey lines. The $1 spot stores had me grabbing up brads and chipboard (like I need those items!). All in all, I was happy with my purchases. I did buy a new tool, the Zutter Round-it-All in pink (which is the larger size corner). I am super happy with it as it cuts chipboard AND acrylic.

I took a total of 9 classes at Expo. This was the first time I've taken classes at an Expo. I've taken classes at other venues like SDV and at the LSS, so I knew going into it that I am not much of a "class taker." I never want to do the project as planned; I always want to color outside the lines. However, I felt that I was in a slump and wanted to give classes a try. But I learned that "advanced" to the Expo staff and "advanced" to me are NOT the same thing, and I came away a tad disappointed. I did see one technique that I'd never thought to try (and will show that here soon), but all in all, I wish I had saved the class fees and had more money to buy stuff.

Next year I will be more choosy and not try to cram so much into the two days. I loved getting away and hangin' with my peeps. I also enjoyed making new friends and just being with other women who have my same obsession...I mean passion.

I also have a tip for those of you who may want to try a class at Expo, or at another scrapbook "fair." Take your scissors and your paper trimmer. I was asked countless times if I had an "extra" to share. Yes, folks, I always pack 2 or 3 extra sets of tools and lug them around with me! It's a class - pack your tool kit. If you don't know what a tool kit is, let me tell you:

1. scissors
2. paper trimmer (get one of those small Fiskars ones)
3. adhesive, both wet and dry (best bet is a tape runner and mono glue)
4. a pencil (NOT a pen, bonus points if you have an eraser)
5. a black journaling pen (a Zig or a fine point Sharpie)
6. glue dots (get the Craft size)
7. a hole punch or a paper piercer
8. bonus points if you take an ink pad and a sanding block
9. extra bonus points if you take a baggie of wet wipes (I forgot mine and was in a bad way in one messy class. Thankfully some kind soul in one class gave me one of hers. She's now my new best friend!)

And if you do forget something and need to borrow from your neighbor, BE POLITE and don't hog her tools! And most of all, HAVE FUN no matter what. You can find fun and humor in even the worst situation, if you try.

- Gloria

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