Tuesday, January 20, 2009

MOSD Sneaky Peekie #2

The MOSD Sneak Peek today is Calendar Stick-Ons and 6x6 clear acrylic panels. The Calendar Stick-Ons come in several sizes and colors. There will also be dates, months, etc. available!

I decorated a small clipboard, which I purchased at a craft store for $1.99, with some Basic Grey paper (what else?) and a few flowers. Then, I attached the NEW 6x6 Calendar Stick-On (in brown) to the back of a 6x6 clear acrylic panel. The acrylic panel just clips onto the clipboard. (Funny how that works!)

The beauty of this project, is that you can write on the front of the acrylic calendar with dry erase markers! So you can change out your calendar every month! (I wrote the days of the week in permanent marker, so that they won't wipe off.) You can use this idea to make any size clipboard or message board! How cool is that?!

Don't forget to drop by the MOSD blog and see what other product is being revealed today! It's a good one! Don't miss it!


  1. love those calendars! very cool.

  2. Anonymous9:02 PM

    hey girl, you've been tagged!!!! Check it out!

    -- dalis

  3. Awesome calendar, Gloria!

  4. Love your calendar, now I need to make one!

  5. Way cool calender!!!