Monday, February 09, 2009

Let's be Frugal

In honor of my friend Lori, I made a frugal project last week! Lori is the queen of making cool stuff out of trash and scraps. She's the McGuyver of the scrap world. She can make a page layout from string, a Q-tip, and a shoe lace! Really! LOL Go see her blog and see her creations.

Anyway, I made this little journal out of some left-over MOSD clear covers (from a 4x6 Show Off Album - why to I always have these orphan clear pages around here?!) and a journal kit that someone purchased for 99 cents and then gave to me! The original journal was 5x8 in size, so I cut it down to fit the 4x6 acrylic covers. I had some ribbon scraps to tie onto the binding rings. And this flower is one of about a ba-gillion I purchased from QVC about a year ago. The button came from my button bin.

I wanted to put this journal next to the computer so I can jot down things that I come across - websites, ideas, blog names, etc. So, that's my frugal project for the month. If I get around to decorating the "title" pages in this album, I'll show them to you. (wink)


  1. You are the Best-est scrappin' buddy, Gloria!!! Thank you so much for the shout out!!! I'm so glad you are doing such awesome frugal projects!!! Beautiful journal!