Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Watercolor Card

Here is my other Graphic45/Tombow card that did not make the Blog Swap. (Both Graphic45 and Tombow are currently having contests, so make sure to check out their blogs!)

I used the G45 Renaissance paper for this card. Love this green paper (Florentine). Want to know how I stamped those watercolor flowers? Read on, read on!

Technique: Watercolor Images

1. Using Tombow water-based markers, color directly onto your stamp. (I used blue and purple for the flowers, and two shades of green for the leaves and stems.)

2. Lightly mist the stamp with water to cause the colors to run. You can use a Tim Holtz mini mister filled with water.

3. Stamp lightly onto scratch paper, then stamp your image onto your cardstock. (Usually, the first image you stamp is too "muddy," so stamp off onto scratch paper to remove some of the ink.)

4. Once the image is dry, use a yellow or orange marker to color the flower centers.

5. You can also color your sentiment stamps with the markers. Just color directly onto your stamp, but do NOT mist with water or the letters will run. Stamp onto cardstock.

I also used some of this fabbie crochet trim that I found at the fabric store, and some yummy buttons from my stash. (The flower stamp is Stampin' Up.)


  1. Beautiful card!

    Would it work with anything other than Tombow? I don't have any Tombows, but I'd like to try this too.

  2. Any water-based marker will work. Normally I'd use Stampin' Up, but we were using the Tombow since they are a G45 partner. So any marker that is water-based since you need it to run/bleed when you spray the stamp with water.

  3. oh Gloria this is so cool!! i will have to try it :) beautiful card girl and you give the best and easiest instructions (you should be a teacher! lol)