Saturday, November 27, 2010

365 Cards Vintage Blog Hop - Day 272

This week has been an amazing week at 365 Cards! We celebrated Vintage this week - in a big way! Because Pam is a special and unique team leader, she challenged us to give you a special and unique blog hop! There are a lot of prizes to be grabbed up! If you missed out on this week-long hop, go to the 365 Cards Blog and get started! If you missed getting in on my special RAK, go to THIS POST and leave a comment by midnight PT today! (ETA: I fixed the link to Audrey's blog!)

The icing on this vintage cake is to create an extra special card for today's challenge. During the week you were to hop to each DT member's blog and collect an item. For today, you must use all of those items to make a card! I can't tell you the items. You MUST blog hop to get them!

Here is my card. I even used the Sketchy Sunday sketch for my card! Well, sort of.... But I do have all ten items on the card...see if you can spot them all.

I used Graphic45 Steampunk papers. This is one of the new lines released at Summer CHA. I love it. I love the colors and the images. It's just fantastic!

And what is vintage without some Tim Holtz product on it! I used Ranger inks, and Tim's ticket die and a stamp. And a memo pin from the Ideology collection.

Did you notice that fantastic lace?! I purchased it at a local store (Paper Tales in Point Loma). My friend Melody was a bit snotty that I purchased so much of it. She only purchased a little bit...and now she's used hers all up and I still have lots of it! HA! Neener neener! {Did I say that out loud?!}

And yes, I did hand stitching! I poked holes with a pin and then used some very fine floss to sort of looks like the old hand sewn bindings on books and pamphlets.

Ok, go and hop hop hop! I can't wait to see all of your creations!

ETA: Lois asked me what I do about the sharp ends of my pins. Well, I just make sure they are secured between the layers. I might use a bit of Scotch tape to affix them. And I'm not sure I ever send these types of cards to a friend with small children. You can also buy a little do-dad that goes over the end of find them in the jewelry section of the craft store. I do confess to not really being too worried about the safety of my mail carrier! {gasp!}

ETA #2: If you did not hop, then stop reading right now and go hop! If you hopped and made your final card, then you can read...because I'm going to tell you how I used the items...

First, I did use the Sunday sketch, which was NOT required. Then...
Piercing - I pierced holes along the right edge so I could sew
Stitching - I hand stitched with very fine floss, I also stitched the button on
Button - well, there is a button. It is not where the sketch says it should be, but card, my rules!
Die cut - the ticket is a Sizzix die - one of Tim Holtz's Alterations dies
5x5 card - check
Pin - I used a memo pin this time, rather than a hatpin
Stamp - I used two stamps - the greeting on the front (Tim Holtz) and the ticket outline (Papertrey Ink) - so yeah, 1020 stamps and I use these....sigh....
Distressing - I used ink and some edge distressing with scissors
3D Sticker - the scroll thingie is a foam sticker from Pink Paislee. I distressed it with some ink as well.
Lace - check, can't miss it!


  1. Thanks Gloria! It didn't occur to me to stick the end between the layers - but then my cards don't usually have lots of layers!

  2. vintage perfection girl :) LOVE the lace!!!!

  3. Oh, pure perfection! I love the colors of this one, they're less dardk than the others, and I love the blue here.
    Thanks a lot for leaving me such lovely comments! and no, ma'am, I'm not trying to steal your vintage queen's crown, I'm just doing my best to win one of the awesome prizes you're giving... LOL
    And suddenly, my muse just left me and I just can't figure out what am I going to do with the last challenge... Reading your post I understand can see how I can work 3-4 ingredients into one embellishment. Would Pam call it being a rebel?...

  4. I love that card!
    The background paper was the first I ran to buy this collection ... is one of my favorites.
    The blue of this collection is my blue, I can not live without it, I just bought some socks in the blue, jejejeje!
    A hug from Spain.
    PS: I also I have this lace

  5. oh such vintage goodness, Gloria! Your card so like a breath of winter frosty air. Love this...the curled edges, ticket, dimension of the scrolly thing.

  6. A beautiful card :D i made one to after the recepie, but its to dark to take a photo, i have to wait untill tomorrow :D
    And thanks for yelling in my blog HA HA HA... You are to cute ;D
    Hugs JOhanna

  7. Oh, Gloria - this is absolutely stunning!!! Gosh, only 1020 stamps??? Hmmm, I think I have you beat in that category! But, LOVE the card - the colors are beautiful. I am working on the rest of these challenges. TFS

  8. Being the Queen that you are I am not surprised this is one super fantastic card! Thanks for all the comments, luv ya!

  9. haha...I need to pick up some doo-dads for my stick pin:) GORGEOUS card Gloria....thanks for all the goodies!!

  10. Love how your card turned out Gloria! Love all the details! Very Vintage..very pretty! Thanks for the inspiration...and the chance to win some awesome Graphic 45! Hugs!

  11. Awww, thanks for your sweet comments, Gloria :) And WOW on the card you created for the recipe!!