Friday, April 01, 2011

Lucky 13!

This is my 2nd post for today, so if you are looking for the Spellbinders DT post, click HERE or just scroll down.

At long last! The suspense has been killing me! But the NEW Graphic45 Team has been announced!

I was reading the list and reading the list, and my heart was just sinking...and there I am...#13. I don't believe in lucky or unlucky numbers...not really, but it's just too funny to be #13 on the list.

And the new Graphic 45 Design Team members for 2011 (in no particular order) are...

1 - Lynette Carroll - Braintree, MA
2 - Jane Tregenza - Australia

3 - Tara Orr - Canada

4 - Laura Denison - Maple Valley, WA

5 - Robin L. Shakoor - Fredericksburg, VA

6 - Sherry Cheever - Jeffersonville, IN

7 - Michael Jack Putman and Lesley Fisher - Mesa, AZ

8 - Nicole Eccles - Springboro, OH

9 - Nancy Wethington - St. Louis, MO
0 - Hilde Janbroers - The Netherlands
11 - Yuka Hino - Japan

12 - Melanie Forbes - Australia

13 - Gloria Stengel - Oceanside, CA

I cannot tell you how THRILLED I am to be on this fantastic team for a second year in a row! I am just...giddy would be the best way to describe it! I am so pleased that my Graphic45 ride does not have to end yet! YAHOOOOO! I'll be back later to post my FINAL ROUND projects!


  1. Congratulations Gloria..I am really pleased for you, and you 'sound' so happy. Graphic 45 would not be the same without you.
    Your work is so beautiful, and you deserve to be there.
    Luv CHRISSYxx

  2. Wonderful news, congratulations :-)

  3. Congrats! You so deserve this!

  4. So glad for you Gloria, congrats!

  5. Hooray and a big cyber hug of congratulations, Gloria!!

  6. Congrats Gloria! I am so happy for you:)

  7. Congratulations! I am looking forward to seeing many more of your designs.

  8. YAHOO!!!!!!!! :)

  9. Gloria,

    These projects are AMAZING! I just LOVE your style. You ROCK!

  10. woot wootie woot woot!!!!