Sunday, July 24, 2011

Graphic45 and CHA

I am home from CHA, safe and sound. It was so hot in Chicago that I was never so happy to see the backside of that place! However, I had a blast at my reunion and at CHA! Here are some pictures, mostly from the Graphic45 booth at CHA!

I stayed across the street from the Convention Center. YAY me!

These are my peeps: Kellie, Patience, Me, Beverly. We meet up every 2 years, but this year only the 4 of us could make it out of our group. These gals are my rocks! I love them all like sisters! We are showing off our bags that Patience had made for us. She was our reunion hostess this year! And she did a FANTASTIC job! I am thrilled they got to go to CHA with me!

Here I am at the Graphic45 booth. The most attractive booth at the show, again!

This is the Magic of Oz part of the display. Just over the top beautiful!

This folding screen display is a hit every year! I can see a bunch of my projects on this display. All of the team did such a fab job this year!

ABC Primer display. I love this vintage junk! Or junque! So inspiring!

More ABC Primer.

Christmas Emporium! Super yum. This section of the booth was hard to photograph...well all of it was due to the hoards of people!

Some of the Graphic45 gang: Sherry Cheever, Lynnette Carroll, Charee Filimoehala, Me.

Sherry Cheever and me. I was so excited to finally meet Sherry. We are on the Graphic45 team together and we are both with Spellbinders teams. I've been a fan of her work for a long time, and was so happy to hang out with her. She's a hoot and a half! I think we cannot spend too much time together or we may get into TROUBLE! {grin}

This is me with Angie Crockett, my pal from Christian Paper Crafts. It was a JOY to meet her in person. She's about the sweetest thing ever.

And last, but not least, is the CropStop Crew! Haylie Jo Wiltshire (the owner of CropStop), me, Vicki Robertson (the DT coordinator). They are both...just as wonderful in person as on the phone! After 3 years of working with CropStop I was jumping up and down that I got to meet the "boss ladies" in person.

So there you go. Photo credits go to my pals Kellie Rosa and Patience Bertana! Thanks for letting me "borrow" some of your photos! Y'all are the BESTEST!


  1. Gloria you look great and glad you had a fab time at CHA - I wondered if you would be there. Great that you got to meet up with friends, new friends and associates of all sorts.

  2. Gloria, it was wonderful to meet you IRL too! We have to do it again when we have more time to visit!!

  3. Great photos, that Christmas Emporium display looks stunning, personally I would have liked to have a really up close examination but until I get to CHA...I'm so grateful for your photos!

  4. looks like you had a blast!!!