Monday, August 01, 2011

CKU...Here I Come!

I've never been to a CKU, oddly enough! I've always wanted to go, but have never had it work out for me to attend.

Well, when my friend Jacquie told me that the CKU Reunion was coming to La Jolla, which is about 20 min. from here...I said, "LET'S GO!!!"

Today we both pushed SUBMIT and purchased our slots! YAHOOOO! We hope a few other friends will join us for a girls' weekend.

We both chose the Teresa Collins album track. We have both taken classes from Teresa, love her mini albums and her papers, so that was a no-brainer! I'm pretty excited about the class track too. Looks like some fun classes that I would not normally have time for, but are always on my list of "that would be cool"!

Can't wait! Should be a ton of fun!

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