Saturday, March 17, 2012

Graphic 45 Final Projects are Ready to Go!!

I have finished my three projects for the 2012 Graphic 45 Design Team Contest! I have been working "around the clock" to finish these three items! I am ready to mail them off to Portland to be judged! Now the waiting begins!

As I was working on projects this week, I was thinking about WHY I do this. Why do I create things for very little actual money, and not much more than a few boxes of product. Below is a comment that was posted to the Graphic 45 Blog yesterday:

As a side note, the second I saw that Little Darlings layout I knew it had to be Gloria's work. I've not seen anything she has done I didn't just love. She is costing me money though because I end up buying what she has used. I can't help but think I would like her because her personality comes through all she does.
Posted by: Gayla Templeton | March 17, 2012 at 03:06 AM

That is WHY I do this. I touch people. I make a connection with people. I may never meet this gal in real life. I may never talk to her or even email her. But I have touched her, inspired her, at the very least encouraged her to try a new product. And she has touched ME! I sometimes see comments Online that are similar to this. Every comment touches my heart. Every comment makes me determined to create and to share. I want to thank Gayla for her kind words. (And I am not even sorry she's had to spend money! hee hee) For every person who has said a kind thing about my work, THANK YOU! I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!

Now, after all that mushy talk...I know there has been "speculation" around "town" that the current Graphic 45 team has a "free pass" to the 2012 team, but let me assure you...that is NOT the case. We had to reapply just like everyone else. (Remember, last year only two current 2010 team members made the 2011 team!) Additionally, beginning with the 2011 team, a team member may only serve for two years in a row. If I am fortunate enough to be selected for 2012, it will be my third year on the team, my last year, and a dream come true! So, yes, I put my ALL into my three projects for 2012!!!

I am NOT sharing my projects, because they are also to be shared on the Graphic 45 Blog in April. The current team, if they created NEW projects, could also use them as April blog artwork. That was a nice bonus, so you won't see mine until later!

However, maybe you would like to see a repeat of the final projects I submitted for 2010 and 2011. It's always nice to look back on where we've been. As a designer, I often look back to see how I've improved, and also to see what I may have lost!

Here is the creation I made for 2010. The finalists were asked to create ONE project that showed their style. I chose to make a paper box and a card.

2010 Final DT Project
I created the box from cardstock and decorated it. I wanted to show that I was creative and could make something out of not much. {grin}

I created a card to go inside the box. It's hard to see from the photos, but I used several embossing techniques, including a cracked glass technique.

The inside contains a gift card holder.

Last year, for 2011, the final contestants were asked to make three projects. I think we were asked to make an altered art/mixed media item, a card, and a scrapbook layout.
For my altered item I created a mini album that is also a gift card holder.

2011 Final DT Project - Altered Art/Mixed Media

This is all "from scratch" using chipboard and file folders. I made my own book with a book binding technique.

I created a 5x5 card, which I later converted into an altered canvas. That's how I roll.

2011 Final DT Project - Card

Here is the canvas I made. I cut the front of the card off and used adhesive to attach it to a canvas. Then, I decorated the rest of the canvas to match.

And, last, a 12x12 scrapbook page.

2011 Final DT Project - Scrapbook Layout

 For two years my final projects secured me a spot on the Graphic 45 team. I hope that what I created THIS year will do the trick, and that the Graphic 45 Judges like what I've made! I will find out on March 30th!!!

Best wishes to the rest of the Top 30! They are a talented bunch!


  1. Hi Gloria, this is a nice walk through your gorgeous G45 projects - thanks for sharing. I cant wait to see your new ones, too!

    Good luck to you, too! The final 30 are a hot group and I know I'm feeling the pressure! Good thing I thrive on that kind of thing. :)


  2. good luck Gloria ! Congrats for these fabulous projects !

  3. Beautiful projects Gloria! I love your work and I hope you make it again on the Graphic 45 DT. I just joined your Blog! Good luck! Hugs!

  4. Oooh, I cannot WAIT to see your final projects, Gloria!! And that was so sweet what you said - about being able to touch people's hearts and creative minds through your work! I agree, you inspire me every time I see one of your projects!! Best of luck to you -- and thanks again for sharing your beautiful projects!