Monday, May 14, 2012

Just a Toot of My Own Horn...

With the Internet the way it is...Facebook, Pinterest, new sites going up every is very hard to keep track of where my work pops up! One of my teamies told me about this post:

Scrapbook Update: Noteworthy 5.11.2012

They highlighted this Mother's Day card that I made for Hampton Art Stamps.

How nice to be recognized! Thanks, Scrapbook Update!

Note: I will be posting the winner of the StopAndScrap Blog Hop prize later today or tomorrow. As soon as the team picks all the winners, we will post who gets the $20 gift certificates to the store!


  1. How nice for you! Congrats! I do truly love this card....

  2. Awesome! Congrats:)

  3. one of my favorite cards :)

  4. that's it i am now ordering "sharp pins" in bulk!!! ;)


  5. You just rock Gloria! Beautiful card - everything you do is beautiful!