Friday, April 05, 2013

Graphic 45 Design Team 2013 Finalists!

Graphic 45 announced their top 30 Finalists yesterday! Read all about it HERE! You may notice that my name is NOT on that list. Well, per the new rules, a designer may only serve on the team for two years and then he or she must take a year off before reapplying. 

As my long-time readers know, I have been on the G45 team for three years now, starting in April 2010. Last year, when they instituted the new "2-year rule," they allowed members of the 2011 team to reapply for a third year; they sort of "grandfathered" us in. Thankfully! 

I am proud that I have been with Graphic 45 for 3 of their 5 years as a company! I have learned a lot in the past three years and grown as an artist. I thought it might be fun to share with you my favorite projects from each year I was on the team. (Just a note, my current term lasts until May 31st! More lovely things to come!)

I started with Graphic 45 in April 2010 and the first collections I was given to work with were A Proper Gentleman and On the Boardwalk (both are retired, but you may be able to find them online at places like I created this set of cards to show how you can use Graphic 45 with images colored with Copics. 

This is On the Boardwalk! But I used for a fall-themed card! When you look at the paper as "background" rather than "theme," you get more use out of the paper!

Steampunk was also released in 2010 (I think! It gets hard to remember!)

This layout was published in a magazine. I think it was my first layout ever published in a print magazine! 

This is a little "luggage tag" book that I made with a mix of papers, such as Communique, Transatlantique, On the Boardwalk, and other older collections.

This is one of the first "big" mini album projects I made for Graphic 45. The collection is an older one called Fashionista.

This was my favorite tag from 2010, using the Christmas Past collection. This is still my favorite Christmas Collection. I love to pair it with the newer (but still old) Christmas Emporium Collection. I have hoarded a bunch of both!

Here are my two favorite cards from my very first CHA 2010. That's when Halloween in Wonderland and Steampunk Debutante came out.

I think Le' Romantique came out in 2010 also. Like I said, it's hard to remember! I made the mini album below for a class I was teaching. It is one of my favorite little minis.

At the time I love shaped mini books and they were all the rage!

Here is one using On the Boardwalk.

When 2011 came around, I was not sure I'd make the team again, but I tried out anyway. I was really happy that they kept me on! Here are some of my favorites from that year.

Christmas Emporium was released that year, along with some Core'dinations cardstock to match G45 papers. I created this layout for CHA that year.

Curtain Call, one of my favorites of the G45 line. I love the black and kraft theme.

This is probably my all-time favorite project ever. It's an altered tray that I made for my scrap area. 

I made this just after the Metal Staples came out. It is on a shelf in my entryway. I think the paper is Le Cirque.

This is a wall hanging made with Christmas Emporium. I have it hanging in my craft area. 

This is an altered G45 box. I used Le' Romantique and some of the Metal Staples.

And a now a few cards using Curtain Call. I think these were for CHA that year.

And below is my favorite tag of the year, using Curtain Call and Steampunk.

One last card from 2011, using Once Upon A Springtime.

I was so fortunate to get a "bonus" year with Graphic 45 in 2012. I cannot tell you how happy I was to find out they were keeping me on for YEAR THREE! Here are some of my favorites from 2012. (It is really hard to pick favorites since I make so many projects!!!)

I used a bunch of collections for this layout, including Old Curiosity Shoppe. This is perhaps my all-time favorite G45 layout. It hangs in my scrap area. I really think I had my major rock star crafter hat on the day I made this. {grin}

I used some older collections here, but also An ABC Primer, which remains one of my very favorite collections.

My favorite tag from 2012, using Christmas Emporium. And maybe even some Christmas Past. (This may really be from 2011, I totally cannot remember!)

Kraft Reflections and Old Curiosity Shoppe came out in 2012. I really like this layout. I was getting my altered art on here.

I love making mini albums, and this was my favorite from 2012.

I really love working with Olde Curiosity Shoppe!

Altered art is fun, but I get a bit sick of having it hang around after I am finished with it. This project is an exception. I love it and it sits in my scrap area!

I used A Ladies' Diary for this project. I love the black and pastel mix!

Sometimes I get asked to create things for the Graphic 45 newsletter, and the project below is one that I made for that.

I will admit that Happy Haunting is not up there with my list of favorites, but I paired it here with An ABC Primer and A Place in Time (which came out in November 2012).

Tropical Travelogue was also not high on my list of favorites, but I adore how this layout turned out. This was for the CHA that year. (I cannot say I ever down right dislike a G45 collection, but I admit there are some I like less than others.)

I have made a lot of projects with Little Darlings, but this tag that I made for CHA is one of my favorite projects using that line.

Let's call the rest of these "2013" projects since they were made with collections that came out in January 2013. Place in Time was actually released in November, but it also debuted at the show in January. I love the vintage images in this collection. I had been "howling" for these images in a collection for a while, and it was awesome to see the idea "make the cut"!

This card is part of my Place in Time Card Series. I really  love this one! I made twelve cards for the set and my two favorite are the June and the January cards.

My favorite layout so far in 2013 is this one below  that I made with the new Secret Garden collection.

I am in love with the green and purple in this collection!

My new all-time favorite collection is the new French Country collection. I just sit and gaze at it! So pretty!

I made this mini with the new G45 easel album and French Country.

My favorite tag for 2013 was at CHA and uses a bunch of collections, all in the kraft and black theme! I love this one! This tag has 9 G45 Staples on it!

These next projects sort of "go" together. I made the mini album first, in December, and then cheated off myself to make this card for Valentine's Day. {wink}

I adore this next project. I love me a mini and this one just turned out too sweet for words!

I hope you enjoyed this walk through the past three years of Graphic 45! I am sad that I won't be on the team for 2013....but you haven't seen the last of me....wait and see........


  1. Ever since I discovered your blog I have been in awe of you creativity! You are an inspiration and I look forward to more beautiful projects with your current design teams. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love your projects Gloria, I have always gotten so much inspiration from what you create. I thank you for your kind wishes on my making it to the final cut for this years team. It is truly an honor to be associated anywhere near where you have been!

  3. These are all gorgeous, Gloria, as is everything I see of yours! You are an inspiration to many including me! So excited that you will be joining ODBD's Challenges the next 2 months! Blessings! Kathy

  4. All beautiful and it was interesting to see the changes in your style!

  5. I'm always gobsmacked by your amazing talent! All of your creations are just wonderful.

  6. You are a master! Your work is exquisite and very versatile.

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  8. Every project is beautiful, but I think that Valentine mini is my favorite.

  9. I always love your projects Gloria. You are an inspiration to us all. Every one of these pieces are just gorgeous. ox Marg

  10. Gloria, I adore your projects. Your creativity is astounding and I admire everything you make. I know this is a "forced" year off (ha!) and you will have just as many G45 projects as ever. At least, I sure hope so! Thank you for inspiring me everyday.

  11. What an amazing job you've done, Gloria! All of your artworks are stunning.

  12. Thank you Gloria to share your wonderful creations. It was and it will be always a pleasure to discover what kind of amazing idea Graphic 45 inspire you. Good luck for your new project. Take care ;-)

  13. I love your work and tutorials. I'm looking forward to many more of your posts even though your not on the G45 team this year.

  14. So much talented artistry wrapped up in you! I only recently discovered you so I'm thrilled to see your walk down memory lane. I'm taking baby steps in making my 1st altered book and you are the perfect inspiration. I'll just have to jump in, with you by my side!

  15. I can't imagine what they are thinking -not having you automatically win! You are one of the BEST designers I've ever had the pleasure of following.

    Thank you for putting on your favorites on this one post. Was going to share which one was my favorite-impossible! They are all so excellent.

    Since you won't be on their team-there must be something even better in your future! I can't wait to see what you design next!!

  16. What a fun post to look through, Gloria! I really enjoyed it.

  17. Well, for now, I'm certainly going to miss seeing your work over on G45, but I'm sure you'll be back soon! Thanks for all the beautiful work you've shared.

  18. Hey, Rock Star!!! Wow, what an amazing post!!! All of your projects are fabulous, but my faves are the ones in which you show off your family and yourself! Too bad that you have to take a year off from G45, but I know that the year will be filled with many gorgeous projects nonetheless! Love and hugs, Angie

  19. You did [do] amazing creations with this paper! I have to say, I pop over when I am looking to use dp for inspiration. They're loss not keeping you, but I bet we see you back in a year reapplying! Beautiful flashbacks of some of your work. I do LOVE that dresser.

  20. Soo, love your work. Glad to see another couple of months of your work.

  21. Gloria I so enjoy your work and creativity (love your blog too!)... I've learned so many amazing things from you, we'll miss you at G45 but I'm sure we'll still see your work...

  22. Ms Gloria I love all of your creations. I am sad that you won't be on G45 blog for the next year but I am a follower of your blog so will still get to see all of your beautiful work :) Thank you so much for the daily inspiration!

  23. You have done an amazing job in all your projects. I have enjoyed and been inspired by your creativity. I am certain we will see more of your wonderful work. Sincere best wishes.

  24. Loved seeing a recap of your projects. You'll certainly be missed by those who are use to you being a regular fixture... I continue to look forward to seeing new things from you around the web.

  25. Absolutely stunning projects and creations with some Collections I even forgot about! thank youou for all your inspiration

  26. A wonderful walk down memory lane and much more to look forward to, I'm sure!! Love your beautiful work Gloria...thank you so much for all the terrific inspiration!!

  27. Such a wonderful body of work, Gloria. I cannot begin to tell you how much I am going to miss your "take" on G45's new releases. But I am a loyal follower of your blog, so I will still get my regular Gloria "fixes" and that will keep me inspired. I am so glad you took the time to review your tenure with G45. It's impressive to see how you grew as an artist over the past 3 years. I loved your style from the first moment I saw your work, and I think I started following your blog as soon as I figured out I could do that, too. You are definitely one of my top five favorite artists, and I'm so thankful for the connection we have. I'm excited to see where your art will take you next...and I really hope you are back on the team in 2014. Hugs!

  28. I will miss seeing your projects. You always inspired me. But at least I can follow you here!

  29. I will miss seeing your projects. You always inspired me. But at least I can follow you here!

  30. I will miss seeing your projects. You always inspired me. But at least I can follow you here!

  31. Gloria it's been great having you as a teamie at G45. It's so wonderful to see all,of the comments from your fans and how much they will miss you, as will I.

  32. These projects are way cool and I actually bookmarked this post for inspiration. I have a feeling that despite the "rule," you're going to stay on board with G45.