Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Congratulations, Stacey and Mike!

This Saturday my most amazing niece is getting married in Pennsylvania. Sadly, my family is not able to travel from California to be there to celebrate with her. However, we did get to spend a week with Stacey, her fiance Mike, and their kids (hers and his) in October. We had a wonderful week at the beach with them and a few other family members. 

Since I could not be at the wedding in person, I sent a project to stand in for me. {giggle} I agreed to decorate the wedding guest book, and after the wedding, to make a matching scrapbook album. 

I decided to go for a "Project Life/Photo Freedom" type of style since my niece is not a scrapper. I figured the format would be easiest for her to add to and modify. I selected an 8 1/2 x 11 album for the guest book and decorated it with her colors: yellow, purple, green. 

I glued flowers and other items to the cover of the album. I wanted to add a bit of sparkle and bling. When my niece received the book she said I had matched the colors perfectly. Amazing, since I did not have any swatches to work from! WHEW! She asked me how I was able to do that, and I just said that's how we superwoman crafters roll. {snort giggle}

I had some sparkly doves left over from a Christmas project and felt they worked perfectly for a wedding theme. 

I had a blast using pre-made flowers and a few that I assembled myself from bits and pieces I had in my stash. I confess I have been sorting and hoarding purple, yellow, and green flowers for a year in anticipation of this project! 

I created all the text on the computer and printed it onto white cardstock. I used die cut templates to trim them all out. I used some ink to give them depth and contrast.

Now, for the story. You know I have to have a story...  I had purchased this album and had it, along with all the other pieces for the project, in a box on the floor of my studio. Well, at some point my 8 month old kitten got into the box and bit the bejeebers out of this album! The cover had a number of tiny puncture holes from his teeth! I managed to cover most of them with the flowers, but you can see one "blemish" on the edge of the spine! Mr. Milo is now "down" one life!

I had more fun making this album than I've had in ages. I love the colors and how it turned out. The inside has sleeves for the guest signatures and notes. I also have sleeves for the "candid" photos from the reception. I have a 12x12 version of the album to decorate and add the wedding photos to once my niece sends me the disk from her special day. 

Congratulations, Stacey and Mike. May you have a long marriage and happy days ahead. Hugs to both of you, and to Zachery, Hanna, and Dylan. May the Lord smile on you all this Saturday!


  1. Breathtakingly stunning!!! I know she'll miss you there, but the book will forever remind her of you. A wonderful gift indeed!

  2. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! Wow Gloria, what a wonderful "stand in" :)

    Blessings, Cheryl

  3. Truly beautiful to look at but the hearfelt love you put into it makes it precious. I am sure they are thrilled with it.

  4. This is gorgeous, Gloria! I know the lucky couple will treasure it always.

  5. Congrats to you niece and her husband to be. What a lovely gift.

  6. A totally gorgeous Guest Book Gloria, what a fabulous gift for your niece and her husband to be. Can't wait to see the Wedding Album. My warmest best wishes to the happy couple, and Blessings to them and their family. ox Marg

  7. Love this book! Love making things that can be used & cherished!


  9. well you will always be my superwoman crafter :)
    girlfriend this turned out fantastic and so pretty :)

    **Mr Milo just wanted to add his purrsonal touch!! lol
    you should see what Q does to my cardstock if he can get to it!!!!

  10. p.s. going to have some exciting news on my blog friday *winks*

  11. This is beautiful! they will love it!!

  12. Super classy...those lovely posies against that black album...wonderful!