Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I am a Rock Star!

Who knew?! I am not as skinny as Mick Jagger. I am not as old as Bob Dylan. I am not as ugly as Kieth Richards or as pretty as Steven Tyler, but I AM a rock star! My kids received Guitar Hero II as a Christmas gift, and I am hooked! I never play computer or video games. Can't stand them. But the inner rocker in me has been UNLEASHED. Besides, I know most of the words to the songs! But let's not delve into HOW I know them, ok? Let's let my checkered collegiate past stay in the past! Besides, my band has the coolest name ever! We are The Glue Sticks! Now, that rocks! I can be my own groupie and make my own fan albums! As soon as I make it past the easy level, I'll let y'all know! But for now, rock on baby!



  1. Anonymous4:28 PM

    Gloria, you killed me with this post! Glad you're enjoying the game so much. I love it too!

  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE this game too... My son got it last Christmas and I took it over! I have defeated the medium level and the hard level is impossible, lol!