Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Oopsie Daisy

I have been driving for 20 years, well not quite. I think I got my license in the summer of 1988. My dh taught me to drive! On Monday I got into my first ever "real" car accident! How scary! It was just a fender bender and dd and I are fine, as was the driver of the other car. was sure scary and over $2000 of damage to my van. Not sure how much to the other driver's car.

Now my up-coming birthday gift can be car repairs! I told the kids I was getting a new paint job - flames on both sides of the van! I drive a 2000 Ford Windstar, so it's pretty boring. I'd like to take this opportunity to spice it up! Ya know? I'm thinking something like this photo! What do ya think? Is it me?!


  1. whoah! I think those flames sure would make an impact :) Go for it!! Sorry to hear about the accident, but those things just sometimes happen. Glad nobody but the cars were hurt!

  2. wow, hope you're ok, but one accident in 20 yrs. isn't bad. This vehicle must be good luck! It is certainly very special! You must be the funnest mom in town! Glad it was only a fender bender.