Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Where Has the Time Gone?

I came across this layout I made a while ago. I cannot believe how the time has just flown by! Jonah was just a toddler in the photo and now he's in 2nd grade! Our homeschool adventure continues, but it sure is different than it was back in 2002. We've moved TWICE since then (to two different states!). Nathan has his driver's permit now and has less than two years before college! Laura is in jr. high! When did that happen?!

I thought homeschool would get easier as the kids got older. Not so. Not easier. Different, but not easier. But I still love doing it (most of the time) and the kids still love being at home. We are still using a literature-based curriculum and enjoying the stacks of good books we get to read each week. The younger two kids still do a lot of fun projects and this year Nathan has been disecting stuff. Gross!

I hope to share more homeschool pages soon. I really need to work on those albums before all THREE kids graduate!

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