Sunday, March 02, 2008

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

I live in Southern California now, but I lived most of my life in the snow belt. Therefore, I take great GLEE in informing my winter-climate living friends and family about the San Diego weather during snow season! I take special comfort in tormenting my brothers, who live in Pennsylvania, with my warm weather news. This little article in the local paper made me cackle! It is the perfect "message" for me to send back east! I love the photo of the poor man shoveling snow off his roof!

I confess to hating winter weather. I hate the snow, the cold, the clothes, the boots, the hats, the slush, the mess. I just DESPISE it all. I was so happy when dh's job had us move out here three years ago! No winter. (And in the summer, no humidity or bugs!)

The down side is I can't use all my winter scrapbooking and stamping items! I won't get rid of never know when we'll have to move back to winter!

Maybe I should scrap about having no winter photos to scrap? Is that too over the top even for me?! We shall see......

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  1. that is so interesting! {ps i love that movie too}