Sunday, November 02, 2008

Crop Stop Grand Opening - Mixed Bouquet Blog Hop

Mixed Bouquet

The idea of this Walk in the Garden is to follow the links from the Design Team members' blogs and collect letters. Once you have all 8 letters you are to mix them up to spell out a well known scrapbooking/crafting name or term.

To get your first letter visit the Crop Stop Message Board, Grand Opening Forum. You should be coming to me after visiting Sherry's Blog. If not, start over!

My letter is: O

To post your answer, please go to the Grand Opening Forum on the Message Boards at Crop Stop.

Your answer must be posted to the message board thread by midnight EST on Sunday, November 2nd (5am GMT) to qualify.The winner will be by Random Draw. There will be an extra prize for the person who can come up with a scrapbooking term/item/manufacturer/word for each of the 8 letters. (For example should there be an "X" to collect you could answer "Xyron."

Make sure you also check out the other challenges and tutorials posted on the Message board! Lots of chances to win! Some of the challenges don't have to be finished until November 9th! So go and play!

Have Fun! (And PS, I already know the word, so if you bribe me I may tell you....or not...hee hee)

- Gloria

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  1. thank too figure this out.
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