Tuesday, September 29, 2009

365 Cards - In Pieces

The 365 Cards challenge for today is called In Pieces. Which means...paper piecing! ETA: I did not realize was supposed to use ONLY the image Pam provided until this morning. I don't have time to make a new card...so...this is a BIG TIME cheat for this challenge! So go to the 365 Cards site and get the image...ignore my card sample...LOL First off, today is NOT my challenge day, but I wanted to try to play along this week anyway. Second, I have had a migraine since last night and did not sleep very well, so I'm not totally responsible for this card. Third, I laughed the whole time I was making it because I found this Paperkins witch in my stash and just HAD to use her. She's probably older than my 9yo son!

I had a love affair with these little dudes back in the day and probably had all of them at one time. In fact I am sure I still have lots! They may come back in style...maybe I can be a TREND SETTER! I used to love paper piecing too, but now my eyesight makes it hard to see the little bits. My reading glasses are total crap. But this was not so bad as the pieces are pre-cut for the most part.

I made a card from green cardstock and grunged it up with some black ink and a Stampin' Up background stamp. The printed paper is K&Company. I even used a bit to make the witches' pants. I inked everything up and pop dotted some things. I even put some twine on the broom.

I printed the greeting on the computer and punched it out with a tag punch. I then used some green ink to give it some color. The ribbon is a scrap from my bin.

I don't normally send Halloween cards, but I have quite a stash of them now, so maybe this year I will. It's a strange "holiday" to send cards for. What exactly would I be wishing people? Tricks or treats? I don't know! My dad used to send me Halloween cards when I was in college...as an excuse to slip me $20 I think.

Ok, that's it. If I have time, I'll make a card for tomorrow...so check back! I have a meeting at church in the evening so it all depends on how my day goes.


  1. Gloria, now this is definitely bending the rules. If you feel the urge to send a card I will take one and feel free to slip in what your dad did. :P

  2. ROFL!!! your such a rebel :0)
    cute card, hope your head feels better soon.

  3. You're such a bad girl. Ha!Ha!! I too have a pile of these cards so will have to send them out and I normally don't bother, UK doesn't really.

  4. Freedom!!
    I really doesn't understand everything in english but YOU should know better!!!
    Come to my blog and see my challenge! Think (P)ink!

  5. Love the card...I love those PaperKins too and I still have some myself...I also have the template so you could make the clothes yourself, as well as extra bodies.

    But I see you're cheating as usual....Pam needs to give you the boot! LOL

    You can send me the Halloween card, as well as the $20 your dad would have slipped in. And while you're at it, may as well send me that V birthday card...if you send it now, it might be just about a month late, and while you're at it, some chocolate to go with the Halloween card would be good too.

    I guess that's all for now! LOL