Monday, November 16, 2009

365 Cards Day 261 - Card Recipe

Today is Monday so you know what that means! It's time for the 365 Cards Monday Challenge! Today Pam "cooked" up a card recipe challenge! The recipe is:

4x4 card, red background, snowflakes (any number, any type), 1 ribbon, 1 stamped sentiment. And that's ALL!

She was pretty clear - in an effort to get me to color INSIDE the lines I'd wager. (insert evil laugh here) Well, I followed the challenge, and still broke the rules! (insert more evil laughter) I made a 4x4 card out of black cardstock. I made a red background by embossing the red cardstock with a Cuttlebug EF (diamond plate). But then I matted my snowflake with red and black cardstock. Plus, I dusted the embossed cardstock with pearl white Pearl Ex powder. (more evil laughter)

I have my one ribbon. I have my snowflake, which is a glittery sticker I found at Walmart of all places. I added a rhinestone to the snowflake (I will admit, it did NOT come that way!). I then stamped my sentiment (Papertrey Ink) with white ink (Stampin' Up) and then embossed it with my custom embossing powder. The powder is a combo of clear embossing powder, micro pearl Pearl Ex, and pearl white Pearl Ex. I have a whole bin of these custom colors that I made.

So there...just a tiny bit of cheating!

Here are the photos I took of Tim Holtz on Saturday at the Carson, CA stamp convention. They are not so great due to the lighting, and there was no way to get into the photo with him seeing as how he was WORKING, plus the table was set up so we could not mob him! LOL But there he is, working away.

I sure hope he does not mind me plastering him on my blog! You can also see some of his crafty junk all over the table. He had a bunch of stuff. And he's like me! He works in this 12x12 space while all the junk piles up around him.

Anyway, it was great to meet him. If he ever teaches a class within an easy drive, I am so there!


  1. Anonymous3:55 AM

    I love your recipe card! Will have a go later!

  2. excellent job on your card gloria...I love it!!

    Tim Holtz..hubba hubba.

  3. I luv your card!! and i don't see any rule bending LOL :0)

    well it is good to see TH was protected from all you that wanted to mob him LOL

    your own embossing powder??? do share the "recipe" :0)

  4. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Beautiful card, and I like how you added your own twist to the recipe, clearing throat.

    Love it,
    Rebel patrol :)

  5. Your card is beautiful even if you did **cheat**. Hey I have found lots of supplies at Big Lots, if you have that store out your way. I bought my very first paper trimmer there some 4 yrs ago and I still use it today. And... congrats on the Simple Doodles GDT spot!

  6. Super card. I risked one eye looking at your jewel :-D. Bootiful pics of Tim, he's great isn't he.
    I too mix my own emb. powder (just with glitter), but like your recipe, have to give that a whirl. I have a whole set of Pearl-ex unopened. :-O

  7. this card is stunning! i can't believe that sticker came from walmart?! just lovely and boy oh boy Tim Holtz! that rocks!

  8. Love your card ~ Fantastic!

  9. Oh boy, another stunning card of yours. I love it.
    and about bending the rules, did Pam mentioned anything about 'rhinestone'?... (wicked laugh all the way)