Wednesday, February 03, 2010

My Lifetime Story - Challenge #5

For the Faith Sisters My Lifetime Story Challenge #5 we are to scrap about our grandparents. This was hard for me since I never knew my grandparents. My dad's mom died at age 19, when my dad was only 15 months old, and his father died at age 40, when my dad was only 21. Here is a layout showing my grandmother, holding my dad. My dad's sister, my Aunt Evie, is next to them. She was about 4 years old. (Yes, my grandparents were 17 and 15 when they married in 1926!) The other photo is of my grandfather. I was told it was taken on his birthday, but no one can remember which birthday.

I used Making Memories paper and a Spellbinders pendant die for this layout. Pretty simple, with just those pops of blue.

I also never knew my mother's parents. My grandmother died in 1950 after a battle with cancer. My grandfather died in 1967 when I was barely 2 years old. I have a vague memory of him, but I am not sure it's a memory or a "reminder" that my mom gave me. My grandmother was 18 and my grandfather was 35 when they married. They raised 15 children to adulthood. This is a photo of them on the farm taken sometime in the late 1940s.

I created this layout for CropStop about a year ago, but it was nice to not have to make a new one for today! I used SEI paper. I sprayed the flowers with glitter mist.

I also plan to scrapbook my great-grandparents and other relatives, but I did not get to those for today. My great-grandparents raised my dad, and I do remember them as I was about 5 when they died. A very sad story on the grandparent front for me!

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  1. what special pages! :) awesome job girl!!