Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Lifetime Story Challenge #10

The Faith Sisters My Lifetime Story Challenge for this week is to scrap about your childhood pets or friends. I decided to do a page about my childhood pet, my Old English Sheepdog Sir Alfred (we called him Alfie). We got him in about 1973 and he lived for 20 years! He was just the BEST dog. I've never been able to bond with a dog since! And he died well over 25 years ago!

Now for the shocker. I did not have any doggie paper or embellies, since we have a cat, and I don't even scrap about him. So...I decided to do a digital page for the challenge! (Please, if you fainted, revive yourself! The world did not tilt on it's axis! I only went over to the dark side for an hour or so!)

I used paper from Mandy Made Digi Bits and Maria Stones, plus a tag from Rhonna Ferrer. The rest of the stuff is things I made or used from Photoshop Elements. I did not use a kit or a quick page. I just made a page like I make sketches. It was fun, but I'll never turn into a digi scrapper. I like to play with it sometimes, but I love paper too much to give it up! I'm a paper junkie! If you want to see a bigger image, just click on the photo.


  1. Gloria,
    OMG - I cannot believe that you slipped into the dark side - which is actually the lighter side - because you see - without all that heavy paper and such taking up SO much space - well - you would then be on the lighter side!! lol Of course, being a digi scapper - I STILL have all my paper (real kind) tools, and stuff that takes up a WHOLE bunch of space!!

  2. this will be short as i have to go to the ER and get my head stitched up due to hitting it on the desk when seeing you went digi for this *gasp* what a cute puppy and how sweet he lived so long!! blood flowing faster now so must hurry .... feeling weak very weak.....