Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Big Fat Fibber!

Well, turns out not only am I a big, fat fibber, but I fooled all of you! Here are my "creative writings" with the TRUTH in red...

1. I enjoy cake decorating and make lovely cakes. FALSE - I am a terrible cake maker and don't bake cakes it at all! I do make a mean cookie.

2. I was a nurse's aid in an elder care facility while in college. FALSE - I did work at an elder care home, but in the kitchen. I was mostly a dishwasher. I got fired from dessert girl...see #1 above!

3. I was on my high school basketball team. FALSE - nope! I'm tall, but never played basketball.

4. I am a published poet. TRUE - while in college I had several poems published and even gave a poetry reading!

5. I have a master's degree in English. FALSE - I have a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and certificate in English, meaning English was my 2nd major. I also have a minor in Industrial Engineering and another minor in Computer Science.

6. In college, I played field hockey. FALSE - But I did show up for tryouts! But I was so small they laughed! I only weighed 110 pounds (and was 5' 9" tall).

7. I have taken ballroom dancing lessons. FALSE - if you saw me dance you'd die laughing!

So there you have it folks. Thanks to all who played along. But no one guessed my true statement, so I'll save the RAK for another time! Sorry ladies. {evil laughter here}


  1. Darn that Dessert girl...LOL...tooooo fun Gloria...I gotta post mine yet:)

    Hey, I enjoyed the Diane Schultz interview over on MFW...I always wondered where G45's name came from...

  2. LOL! I didn't see the original post...but how fun!

  3. ok Pinocchio, just how LONG is your nose? lol Ya got all of us
    didn't ya? Well we'll be sharper
    next time. Good job.

  4. LOL girl you missed your calling as a fibber!!!