Thursday, August 05, 2010

Graphic45 Wonderland - Take 2

Here is another 5x5 card I made for CHA with the Graphic45 Hallowe'en in Wonderland line. You gotta love the Mad Hatter, right? I'm not a super fan of Alice and company, but do admit that I feel a kinship with the Hatter...and...well...the Red Queen...something so freeing about being able to say "off with their heads"!

I made this card grungy, and added in some of Tim Holtz's yummy metal and ticket stamps. I finally broke down and purchased some of Tim's clocks. The price was horrible, and I did get a small discount at my LSS...but still. Tim, dude y'all are killin' me here. I'm paying so. Cal. prices for this stuff, dude! Make some ugly stuff for a while, k?

Here is a close up shot of the NEW Graphic45 flowers. These are made from a heavy weight cardstock, not quite chipboard, so they have some flexibility, but are not flimsy. You can really manipulate them into shape. You can also see a bit of one of the new G45 Trims here.

I used more of Tim's stamps on the inside of the card. And that's enough free advertising for that guy!

And naturally I had to use the Jabberwocky! I just love saying that word! Sounds like a really great cuss word! But it's NOT!

And get a load of my Tim Holtz memo pin! I used a technique that I stole from the Studio 490 blog...I put some paper behind the pin, then filled the hole with glossy accents...and made a super funky cool embellie! Do I rock or what? Ok, Wendy rocks, but still...

Because I am a crazy person, I made another card in this same style that I had planned for a class in August. I won't be teaching the class now, but I do plan to sell some paper kits for the class, so stay tuned!

I still used the Tim Holtz stamps, but less of the make the class affordable.

Do you love the ruler twill? Me, too!

This card is not as fancy as the one for CHA, but I still like it.

I have more Wonderland cards to show you, but think tomorrow I'll reveal the Steampunk Debutante line as it's my FAVORITE!


  1. first off - amazing project! second, your post totally cracks me up... make some ugly stuff? love it! thanks for the shout out...

  2. LOL! Gloria, your post rocks and I can see why the "man" himself stopped by to see your wonderful creations!!! You go, GF!!

  3. oh my gosh glo this is amazing. you lucky duck you...... I would love for the tim man to visit mine too. Do you think he knows I am stalking him? lol
    I have this dream he calls my house and says hey you have just won one of all my new stuff. lol
    Then Rick snores and I wake up...hahahaha

    oh glo this is just so wonderful...and I am sooooooooooooooo very proud ( and a tinge
    but I love ya girl

  4. oh my gosh I was so excited for you I forgot to tell you how amazing this is.... simply beautiful

  5. do i have to come pull you off the ceiling ???

    Tim who??? LOL seeing how your buddy's with TH can you please ask him to get products in my tiny town??? ;)

    both cards are fantastic girl and i love the ruler tape :) where is it from???

  6. Have you already bought the frame to put this post into?!!! woot woot...gorgeous rock my friend.

  7. Oh, Glo! I am thrilled to see how Da Man gave you such a shout! I am sure you have already printed it and have been starring at it for hours! Gorgeous cards.. oh and that Hatter and Jaberwoki are ya!

  8. Hey Gloria,

    I'm just getting to over a week's worth of e-mails and saw your post about Tim's comment. Cool!!!!! Love it. Your projects are AWESOME!!!....and yes, I just bought some of those clocks, our Southern Cali prices, I'm not feelin' like much of a "frugal scrapper" these days, but gotta love our Tim!