Monday, October 04, 2010

Really Reasonable Ribbon Winner

I found out today that I won Top Three at Really Reasonable Ribbon! Y'all know how I love ribbon. And I have the bins to prove it! I'm so jazzed to win the challenge!

 I Made the Top RRR 3

This was the card I entered. I think it's very cute and know just the boy to send it to!

You know, despite the weather, I'm having a pretty good day. That's saying something for me, as I've been struggling a lot the past couple of months. As if I did not feel bad enough, last Monday it was so hot I thought I got lost and was in Phoenix. Today it's so rainy and cold I feel like I'm in Seattle. But...I'm having a good day today. Three friends emailed me with FANTASTIC news; friends I've been praying for over and over again! It just shows me that God IS in His heaven! Not that winning the RRR top three is the same thing, but still, it was the topping on my good day!


  1. Congratuations!!!!! I can't wait till you see what you do with your winning stash!!

  2. Congratulations on your win Gloria. I know this weather is completely wacky! My kids love it - they feel like they are back 'home' in Seattle!! It really IS like this all the time up there!!

  3. Congrats. G! I love the card and I am sure that speical little boy will too :) Love to hear that you are having a good day esp when you have the gloomy weather.

  4. Woot Woot!!!! congrats girl :)
    I am right there with you and the "wacky" weather. Sure do wish it would make up it's mind!! lol