Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spellbinders 2011-2012 Design Team

Spellbinders announced the new 2011-2012 team this morning, on the Blog. Lots of talented ladies...and who is that near the bottom of the list? Me? Really?! Waaaaaahoooooooo!

Kimberly Crawford
Tonya Dirk
Christine Emberson
Judy Hayes
Lesley Langdon
Tina McDonald
AJ Otto
Windy Robinson
Gloria Stengel <----- that's me, baby!
Shanna Vineyard
Michelle Woerner
Latisha Yoast

I am so excited and happy that I cannot stand it! I've known about this since Monday evening and have not been able to say a word to anyone, except my husband, my sister, and my BFF. None of them are active in the online craft world, so they were safe to tell. {grin}

I cannot wait to start my term! As you know, if you follow this blog, I LOVE Spellbinders dies and use them all the time. To have a chance to DT for the company is a dream come true for me. I have a list of 5-6 companies that I'd love to work for and Spellbinders and Graphic45 are both at the top of the list. So you can imagine how HAPPY I am right now!

Congratulations to the other ladies on the team. I look forward to getting to know these ladies better!

Check back, either later today or tomorrow, as I'll be showing my round 1 and round 2 projects. My final round project will remain secret because Spellbinders gets dibs on using it. Hopefully they love it and will use it somehow. {wink}

Ok, now to stop walking around with my head in the clouds and get busy with something...


  1. CONGRATS Gloria!! I am so excited to be on this team with you and CAN'T wait to meet you in April. I live in Oregon, so I am a West Coast girl too!! Big hugs to you!!

  2. Congrats, Gloria! That is fantastic news! Can't wait to see your projects :)

  3. Congrats Gloria, you deserve to be on that team, you do beautiful art!

  4. WHOOO HOOO!!! Congratulations, Gloria!!! I'm so excited for you. It's a well-deserved honor!

  5. well done gloria...I know you were desperately wanting this so well done...hope this has perked you up and lifted that migraine!!

    BTW - raining can't and dogs here...and still freezing!!

    Have fun in the sun.


  6. Congrats Gloria - you sooo deserve it!

  7. Whhhooohhhoo, you know how proud I am of you. I know that this is something you have dreamed of and worked towards for many years, love that it's all coming true for you! love you!

  8. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!

  9. Congratulations to you GF! That is absolutely wonderful! I am so happy for you. SB and G45 are so lucky to have you on their teams!!

  10. Congratulations and looking forward to meeting you :-)

  11. Congratulations, Gloria! Looking forward to seeing more of your creative work with Spellbinders! Welcome!

  12. Yahoo!!! I'm so excited for you, Gloria - this is fantastic. You are so talented, I'm so proud of you!! God bless!

  13. So happy for you my friend!!

  14. Wow Gloria, what great news! Congratulations!! I am happy for you that you got chosen. But you really deserve to be part of this team as you do gorgeous artwork.
    Hugs, Karina

  15. Wohoo! Wonderful news Gloria! I think they made a right choice when they picked you - your creations are fantastic!

  16. Congratulations Gloria! A very well deserved posi :)

  17. Way to go Gloria. I can't wait to see what you create with those fabulous dies.
    One of these days I will get brave and try out for one of the top companies of my DT list. For now I will continue to enjoy others work.

  18. ginormous high five to you sista!!!!! So very deserved!!!!

  19. WOWEEE! Wonderful, now I can't wait to see what you do on this team! Congrats!

    SAM aka Kim's MOM

  20. Congrats Gloria! Looking forward to getting to know you in April!

    And your projects are beautiful!! I'd keep that card if I were you too! I know I'm keeping the one I made for round 2! :)