Friday, May 25, 2012

The Forgotten Calendar Album!

Back in December (2011) I posted a "perpetual calendar" album  project. You can see the post HERE.

I have received several emails in the past week asking me when and where I had posted  the rest of this project. I confess that I totally abandoned this poor album! I have been so busy that I just never got back to it. When I originally posted the album I had only finished the first three months. And it sits here, all forlorn and unfinished!

I do have plans to get back to it. Part of the problem is that I ran out of the flowers I was using and cannot "get past" wanting to have everything "matchy matchy." (Which is strange because I hate matchy matchy!) The other part is that I have moved on to other things. I am terrible for starting projects and never finishing them!

If you want to soldier on by yourself, each page is basically the same. Cover an 8x8 inch piece of cardstock with printed paper. 

Add your list and your calendar, and decorate. Very simple! (You may wish to use 2013 calendars now that 2012 is half over!)

Here are some ideas for the paper you can use:

January: Christmas Emporium Believe
February: Magic if Oz Tenderhearted Tin Man
March: Magic of Oz Emerald City
April: A Ladies' Diary A Moment in Time
May: Once Upon a Springtime Primrose Cottage
June: Le' Romantique Loves Labyrinth
July: On the Boardwalk Summer Crush
August Tropical Travelogue Oceania
September: An ABC Primer One Two Buckle My Shoe
October: Happy Haunting Trick or Treat
November: Olde Curiosity Shoppe Exquisite Motif
December: A Christmas Emporium Toyland

It may be fun to do the whole album with ONE collection. But, matching the papers to the month and season is fun also! If you want to keep waiting on me, I have put this project on my July schedule.

For everyone waiting so patiently for me to post this project, I am sincerely sorry. I sometimes forget that people actually read this blog! I sort of motor along in my own world, thinking that no one pays me any mind!

Have a blessed weekend!


  1. I'm sorry but I just found this to be hilarious! I thought I was the only one with all those 1/2 done projects! I get in the middle of something and all of a sudden I have to stop to try a different project that I just can't wait to start. And now, darn it, I have to go start one of these cool books!! I think I will leave out the calendars and use it as a perpetual calendar.....just in case....LOL!

  2.'s like a lights on one thing and moves on to another. But this is a great idea!

  3. At least you have done a few pages, lol. I haven't even started mine, lol.

  4. Hi Gloria, what a fab idea, I think I shall have a go at making this calendar, maybe I will finish it maybe not but I will have a go. Thanks for the idea. Best wishes, Lesley x

  5. I love all the flowers on the front! Great project -