Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Life Under Construction!

I am sure y'all have given up hope of ever seeing a new post! I have a million and one excuses from I was taking a break to COVID happened to we are moving! All are true and none really makes any of us feel better about the poor, neglected blog! Nor about my lack of creative pursuits over the past year!  

But...We really ARE moving! I snapped this photo of our the backyard the day we decided to put our house up for sale! I was having a bit of a moment about leaving our home after 16 years! 

We spent a few weeks sprucing up the place and put the house on the market on June 25th. We were in escrow by June 28th! Wow! That was FAST! Which means we need new NOW! 

We put an offer in on a new home last week, but the deal did not progress, unfortunately. We are going to be house hunting this weekend in hopes of finding the next perfect home! (All prayers are appreciated.)
I have been purging the studio - sorting and tossing and donating rinse repeat! We are DOWNSIZING from a large two-story home to a more manageable single story. Which means the studio is about to get a whole lot SMALLER! I culled so much stuff, but my darling husband informed me...yeah still too much! 

We are also leaving our area and moving about 1-1 1/2 hours northeast of where we live currently. Yes, folks we are leaving the ocean and heading to the (boiling hot) interior of southern CA. Finding what we want at the price we want is just not possible in our immediate area, unfortunately. We did discuss leaving California altogether, but made the choice to stay nearer to the kids. Our oldest son just purchased his first home in the San Diego area, our daughter is settled in the San Jose, CA area, and our youngest son is just about ready to fly the nest for (possibly) Santa Ana, CA.
While we are sad to leave our church and our friends and our lemon tree {smile}, we are excited to begin this empty nest season of life.  So, with the housing market what it is currently, we made the decision to move into our "retirement" home a decade or so early! We have plans to trade the lemon tree for a backyard pool. {color me very excited} 

All that gab to say that I won't be posting much more than moving details until we are actually moved and I am ready to set up the NEW studio, affectionately called Gloria's Craft Emporium, Version 2.0!

Thanks for stopping by. If you need some ideas, try scrolling around and looking at some older stuff which is still good stuff. {giggle}



  1. Change is good and also frustrating and sometimes a bit sad when you moving. I hope the new place is awesome and you can have floor-to-ceiling shelves in Emporium 2.0! I look forward to seeing it. Maybe instead of a lemon tree, have a Polychromos 205 Cadmium Yellow Lemon pool (AND a lemon tree)?

  2. Wow, Gloria, big changes ahead! Yes, all your projects are Classics! God bless you during this time of change. Look forward to your next post.

  3. Sounds like exciting times ahead! While moving is a PITB, downsizing “stuff” is really freeing. Good luck house hunting and moving into your next chapter 😀