Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I Teach, Therefore I Am

I always wanted to be a teacher...until I discovered that I don't like kids! Well, I like MY kids, but I really don't care much for other people's children. Sometimes I will meet a child that is bright, articulate, well behaved, and just too darn cute to dislike, but that's pretty rare. Now, my own kids...they are DA BOMB and I like them very much. So much so that I homeschool all three of them. But, I figured out early on that I didn't have it in me to be a public school teacher. So I became a teacher of adults by writing computer user's guides. That lasted awhile, but the creativity was, shall we say, lacking.

I began teaching scrapbooking and stamping classes in 1997. I've taught at my home, at other's homes, in church basements, and online. (Yep, I did e-classes BEFORE the Big Picture classroom concept was even thought of. Rats! Missed that boat. It must have sailed when I was in the bathroom!) I am currently teaching classes at a bonafide scrapbook store! I teach at Ever After in Carlsbad, CA. It's a great store, with a brand new teaching/cropping studio. I love to teach and hope to stick with it, in one form or another, for awhile. I teach project classes, page classes, stamping classes, card classes, and even a monthly technique class. If I can stick glue on it and paste something to it...I will! My favorite classes are altered items and card/stamping classes. Oh, and mini books! I looooove to create new projects.

Between teaching my kids and teaching scrapping classes, and sharing my knowledge with my online pals, you'd think I'd be happy. But, I'm always thinking of new ways to teach, new things to teach, and new places to teach! It's in my blood. Just don't ask me to teach your kids to scrapbook! Well, ok, maybe just this once...

Gloria (who is currently aghast that it's actually HUMID in San Diego County!)


  1. Ok, you are starting to scare me, this is the second post of yours that I have read all the way through and you and I are TOTALLY alike! I have also done all of this! I don't teach my own child at home though because as much as I love him he drives me up the wall when we do homework! DH and I have an acroynm for other peoples kids... we say OPK when talking about them. It's bad, but I feel the same way... was supposed to teach kids but just can't do it! I have fond that in my older age this has become more apparent, especially since I had my own! Hehehe!

  2. Well, we have "sisters" in our lives, and maybe you are mine! LOL