Tuesday, June 13, 2006

This is me.

Well, I've already told you I'm a mad crafter. But that's not all that I am. I am a strong Christian. I became a Christian as an adult and spend a lot of time in Bible Study, immersed in the Word. We attend Redeemer By the Sea Lutheran Church in Carlsbad (stop by one Sunday!). I've been married to the best husband in the universe for almost 19 years. We met 21 years ago and it really was love at first sight! We have three AMAZING children. I homeschool all of them - currently homeschooling grades 8, 5, and K. It's a wild ride!

I love living in California. We've been here for 15 months and I'm ready to call this home. So far I've lived in five states (one of them twice!) and am sure ready to stop moving around! But, my husband's job is such that I don't feel that this will be our last move.

When I'm not teaching my children or crafting, I'm reading. I LOVE to read. You can often find me stirring dinner with one hand while holding a book in the other! My favorite place to be is sitting on the patio reading! I read pretty much anything and everything, but am partial to period pieces set in Victorian England. (All of you who just fainted can pick your bad selves up off the floor!)

So that's me in a nutshell (no particular emphasis on "nut"). I'll be posting some photos soon. And some of my creations. Hang in there...this blogging thing is new to me!

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration Gloria!