Wednesday, August 06, 2008

My Parents

Today, August 6th, should be my parents 60th wedding anniversary, but my Pop died in 1997. They just missed out on 50 years by a tad more than a year. I try to call my mom on this day each year, to let her know I remember.

I don't have a wedding page of my folks, since they did not take any photos! But here are a few pages of my folks, just to say I'm thinking of them! The first page is of my Pop and my oldest brother, taken around 1949. The second is of my mom, the large photo was taken here in 2006 and the small one is about 1938 or so. The last photo was Christmas 2003. We have spent very few Christmases with my family, so this one was very special to my kids.

- Gloria


  1. Beautiful layouts Gloria!

  2. Great pages! Thanks for sharing with us. :)

    Sarah G.

  3. Your stuff is sooo great!! Thanks for the comment on my BLOG about homeschooling. I am getting everything ready so it's exciting but also scary!!