Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Show Off Much?

Before I explain my post title...here is the card for today's 365 Cards challenge. The challenge for today is to have some sort of paper piecing on your card. I used to LOVE to paper piece, but since I've had to wear reading glasses it's become something of a chore! (Let's not go there, folks, please?!) At any rate, here is the card I came up with.

I used some left over Basic Grey Bittersweet paper and the printable stamps from The Cutting Cafe. I pieced the cupcake from BG paper and some kraft paper. Then I added the "sprinkles" and the heart. I jazzed the cupcake up with glaze and glitter pens.

This is pretty simple, but it's a paper pieced item, so it counts. Besides, I love those cupcake images and we did not get to use them enough for The Cutting Cafe Week at 365 Cards a few weeks back!

Now for the part about my title...it's pretty obvious that I'm a challenge cheater and a show off right? Well, last week I participated in a challenge for the Pile it On blog and "someone" from over there tried to start a riot over here because I did not use enough ribbon! So, I made a new card, with 4 kinds of ribbon on it! Because I do NOT want a riot on my hands!

I used some of that flower ribbon that I used on a card the other day. This stuff is so pretty! Plus some crochet ribbon, some sheer ribbon, and some thin grosgrain ribbon. Whew! This paper is Crate Paper and the goofy stamp is from Stampin' Up. However I think it was Frankenstein's Monster who said this, and not Dr. F himself. (LOL)

Also, during 365 Cards Cosmo Cricket week I took some static from "someone" who said they wanted to see me use the Girl Friday paper to make a boy card. I had used something else...so, just to SHOW OFF, here is a boy card using the Girl Friday line. The backside of some of the pink paper is blues and whites. HA!

I used another old foam stamp from SU and punched out some balloons. The ribbon is a left over from an ASD kit.

Ok, all you hecklers! Are you happy?!

ETA: Disclaimer - this post is all in good fun. I am just having a laugh with the "hecklers" in my life. They love to tease me and I love to tease back. I fear I've given off the vibe that I was either upset or trying to be a "people pleaser." Neither is further from the truth! LOL Sometimes my humor tends to be a bit...sarcastic, shall we say? We are all here to have fun - or else!


  1. Well, you did use quite a bit of ribbon, so you "made good" on my heckling, however, I do recall Dalis heckling you just yesterday about the purple card....that you FELL INTO the PILE IT ON! challenge by total accident. Are you going to make good on that one too?!?! LOL

    Hey - and if heckling makes you create such lovely cards and gets those creative juices flowing, I am thinking you should be thanking us! LMBO!

    ~Vicki (the ribbon riot-er)

  2. I am ignoring Dalis because I've made so many purple cards in the past month that I'm sick of it. LOL So I'll have to have a stiff upper lip and take her heckling...or not...

  3. Gloria, great cards today and I think you definitely used enough ribbon and the girl friday card for a boy rocks.

  4. Awesome cards, Gloria! I love your post today - I'm literally sitting here cracking up!! I like how you stick to your guns - hecklers beware! :)

  5. Anonymous12:04 PM

    You are so funny, you show 'em girl, just because you think out of the box doesn't mean it isn't correct, so there. Great job on revamping your cards, to please the masses, and your pieced card is great, I love the sprinkles.

  6. Great cards, and I like your sarcasm! I love the sprinkles and the way you did the cupcake. The whole card is great.

    The only heckler I get on my blog ever is my husbands ex wife. She leaves some great messages, she doesn't even craft...LOL!

  7. Great job on all three cards! I thought the post was funny! You get em!

  8. You?!?! Sarcastic?!?!? I can't believe that!! LOL

    You're about as sarcastic as I am! :D :D :D

  9. And I think ignoring Dalis is just plain wrong! LOL

  10. Okay, you ladies crack me up....Love your fabbie cards Gloria...you rebel you...

  11. You are the undeclared winner of the ribbon race now Gloria lol. These are great cards by the way. Love the boy card. It is easier to embarrass your adult children than it is to embarrass your young children lol. Much, much more fun!!

  12. oh, Gloria...I think the paper pieced cupcake is good enough to eat...after you chew awhile on that big white bow! It was fun reading about the challenge police setting up a station 'round your house! I know we all have great humor, sometimes it is so hard to translate that to blogging. I have a very hard time with ribbon so I adored your tiny ribbons on the offending card!

  13. LUV the cupcake!!
    I am amazed you could make a boy card with girl paper *wink*
    and now for the RIBBON.....SHOW OFF!!! LOL and FYI i am not going back and adding more to my card as i saw your "little bit" of ribbon and said it Gloria can get away with it so can i!! *grin*
    BTW i love your hummor (just like mine!)