Thursday, July 09, 2009


I do not use a watermark on my projects. I have never felt the need. Well, today I stumbled across one of my cards being used on a store blog without my knowledge or permission. And my name was nowhere to be seen. I am pretty sure they got the photo off a manufacturer gallery...but...I did not like seeing my work "undocumented." So, I guess it's time to start using a watermark. Which means creating one and then sticking it onto my projects digitally. (big sigh here)

I do not mind my work being shown, but would love to have credit for my work. I don't want to start a rant over it. Small potatoes in the grand scheme. But it does make me wonder how often this happens to any of us who post our work on the 'net. And it makes me wonder how hard it is to just document the creator. So, if you showcase someone's work on your blog or website, give them credit. Be fair.

Here is a new card I created using the MacMae July Card Kit. I put a very simple watermark on it. Until my oh so brilliant son can help me make a fancy one, this will have to do.

I used Bazzill cardstock, Basic Grey and Sassafras papers, and BG sticker letters. The yummy ribbon was in the kit. I am pretty sure this is a Card Patterns sketch too.

So I guess I'm now in the 21st Century as far as posting my work goes. :o)


  1. Bummer, Gloria! They say the best form of flattery is someone copying your work...but since it does NOT take long to give someone credit, I just don't get why some people can't "play nice"...

    I also agree about the no rant rule you've imposed...just wanted to give support to your statements:)

    Love your work!

  2. Well, they did not COPY my work...just took my photo of my card and...used it on the website. Humph. LOL

  3. so sorry to hear about that Glo--guess i need to come up with my own watermark as well--whatever happened to permission from the artist?--i pray it doesnt happen to anyone else---remain blessed Sis!!!

  4. well, that totally stinks gloria!!! I use a plain jane watermark...nothing fancy smancy...I'm not techie :)

    great card using the mac mae kit!!

  5. what a horrible thing to happen to you. Your cards are amazing. I can see WHY they would want to use them, but not why they didn't contact you first or at least give you the credit.

    Very cool card.