Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Dancing...with my Kleenex Box!

I woke up at 4:30am today, feeling horrible. This cold will NOT let up. So, I got up and took some meds and went back to bed. But I was so miserable that I woke my husband and the poor man could not get back to sleep. So he got up before make me soup! I ended up sleeping until 8am, but after drinking 50 gallons of water and juice last night, it was URGENT that get up NOW!

I got some breakfast and decided to check my email...and I had two messages (thanks Libeeti and Rose) telling me to go visit the Our Creative Corner blog! And this is what I read:

A $25 Gift Certificate from Totally Stampalicious was up for grabs with last week's Challenge and the winner is.......Player #136 Gloria Stengel, and you can find her great designs on her blog Scraps of Life! Again we thank Totally Stampalicious Stamps for sponsoring last week's Challenge. Please email us to claim your prize.

Is that the greatest prize or what?! I so needed to have this happy news! I already see some stamps that I must have. My 9yo son told me he knew I'd win a "real prize" if I just kept playing along. LOL

I'll be back later with a few things to show you. I am NOT letting this stupid cold win! I don't care how many boxes of Kleenex I have to use! So thanks OCC and Totally Stampalicious!


  1. You are really something! not letting your man to get some decent sleep...
    now seriously - you must take good care of yourself! take some rest, and if I lived near by, I'd bring you some chicken soup. It's a well known jewish medicine, and it works!

    Your 9yo boy was right (it's amazing, but somehow they are always right... like my mom...LOL). my almost 8yo and almost 5yo kids are very proud of me each time I get a prize.

    and the prize you won is really amazing! I've never seen such a big one! enjoy it!

    and as for your Kleenex box - well, your post just gave me a rebel idea for the challenges... hope I'll have the time today to do it. it is so boring playing all the time by the rules...

    Hugs and get well soon!

  2. Yea you!!!! :D what a sweetie your dh is and good for you not letting the cold win. as you can see libeeti and i are in need of your "leading" of the rebel pack so get well SOON!! lol

  3. What a sweet hubbie you have. Congrats on the win, and hope your feeling better.