Monday, May 31, 2010

365 Cards Day 92 - KLM Digital Designs Week!

Blessed Memorial Day to all those who lost someone in the service of our country. My father and all four brothers served in our nation's military, and I am very proud of them!

I have to apologise a little bit for my card today. I spent all last week working on a store sample for a class I am teaching in July and totally forgot my 365 Cards challenge for today! Then, Saturday (which is normally my catch up on cards day) I spent the day shopping with my friends! We hit four scrap/stamp stores and had lunch out. I did not get home until after dinner and was wiped out! I had to be at church at 9am Sunday, and on the drive there I finally remembered my card for today! So I rushed home after church and made this card. Hope you like it!

The challenge for Day 92 is to use tissue paper. Plus we have a fabbie sponsor this week - KLM Digital Designs! I was on the KLM design team for four months, and can tell you they do have fabbie digital stamps AND a new line of clear stamps! I used this bunny digi from the April collection.

Here you can see my tissue paper. I pleated some brown tissue paper to look like ribbon, and then created a flower with two colors of tissue. I found this really great brown and tan tissue paper at Walmart.

I colored the digi image with Copics. I think I colored him wrong as he looks either angry or naughty! Ooops! My 9 year old said he looks like he's eating the flower! (My 9yo asked me "what's the deal with the double-ended markers" to which I replied DO NOT EVER TOUCH THOSE! I told him they were Mom's expensive markers. To which he replied, "Do they cost $100 each?" When I told him the cost, he starts to add it all up, so I taped his mouth shut! No, I didn't....I bribed him to forget how to add!)

The fabbie paper is My Mind's Eye and the stamps are Hero Arts. I just picked them up over the weekend!

I found some really fantastic papers and trims on my shopping spree. I also visited a store that I've never been to before. It is called Paper Tales, and is in Point Loma. This store was so fantastic I did not want to leave! If an antique shop married a scrapbook store, this little shop would be their child! It's a tiny little shop, but just packed full of shabby chic and vintage items - old and new. I had such fun picking through all the little bits and babs! Some of the trims I found there are so amazing...I will have a hard time using them up! I will be very tempted to hoard them!

I'm going to leave you with another Jonah story. Jonah is my youngest; the 9 year old who I often quote here on my blog. He saw a check on my desk and asked me if I actually got paid to make cards. (WHAT?!) I told him yes, that the check was because one of the stores paid me for my cards so they could use them as a display. He asked how much they paid per card and I said, "$5." He said, "That's ALL?!" I wanted to know why he thought that $5 was too little and he said that my cards were works of art and he'd pay far more for one of them. I asked him how much more.... He said $20 a card! I was thinking that he was just the sweetest boy and also that I might be selling cards to the wrong person! Then he did the math in his head and realized that if he purchased 6 cards from me he'd owe me $120! So he decided $5 a card was plenty! I thought I told that kid to stop doing math! (You gotta love Jonah stories, right?!)


  1. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Gloria, your card is gorgeous and I love that flower :D. I love your Jonah stories, the genuine appreciation of what is.. the value of your work :D

    Have a great week ahead!

  2. Such a fabbie card, Gloria!....and that tissueflower....yummie!
    I just loved your Jonah stories... soo sweet. Reminds me of some of my kids and their comments... clever little ones ; )
    / Sophia

  3. Taped his mouth shut, indeed! We can't ever, ever work out what we've actually PAID for all of the craft supplies - that would suck out all of the fun! Sweet, sweet denial!!

    Adorable card... and it really does look like the bunny's eating the flower - but it somehow just adds to the 'cute' factor. :)

  4. this little bunny looks like he is up to no good! lol

    Jonah is such a sweety, to bad he didn't stop talking before doing the math! lol