Monday, May 23, 2011

Copic Certified Designer!

Check it out! I am now a Copic Certified Designer! I took the certification class on Sunday with the always amazing Marianne Walker! She works for Copic, and is an artist of the first degree! Marianne's blog, I Like Markers is a treasure trove of ideas!

Now, I had already taken a this very same class from Jenni Black last year, however it was not for certification, sadly. I also took a class from Debbie Olson in Arizona in April, again, not for certification. So this class was overkill for me, but...I wanted the piece of paper saying I was certified! And I wanted to hear what Marianne had to say, as she's a "hot shot" in the industry! And she's very FUNNY!!

So, I dragged my backside down to San Diego yesterday morning...had a horrible time finding parking! But...for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE...I backed into a parking space! And no one was there to see it! I was took me only 2 tries to get the big ole mini van backed into a space the size of a napkin! Honest! I have never been so proud of myself. And I didn't even cry!

I also ran into a friend at the class and made some lovely new friends, so the day was a good one. I can't say I learned anything new, but it was still nice to hear the information again, and get some tips on the techniques I've not yet mastered. And now I feel justified in buying MORE markers! {giggle}

Here is a card I made back in the fall...which I think I did a pretty good job with.

Here is a card I made last week.

I don't see any improvement in my work. I need to learn more about shading, light source, shadowing, etc. I wish that had been the class yesterday. There was a tiny bit of that sort of information, but I need more. I am not trained as an artist, so this is an area with which I struggle. I will buy Marianne's book (Shadows and Shading) and perhaps will also get her new book coming in June (The Copic Coloring Guide). I really do want to improve my technique!

At the end of the day, I am finally Copic Certified and hope to have my blinkie up soon! {grin} I am happy with that. And I loved meeting all the new gals yesterday. I think there were about 30-34 ladies in the group!


  1. How fun, Gloria!
    Congratulations on being "official!"

  2. Congratulations, Gloria!! That's a nice accomplishment.

  3. A Huge congratulations. And fancy backing into a car park...I cannot do that.Well done, AND you didnt even cry..I'm so proud of hope you frame your cert with pride, and Your colouring IS great, so there you go.

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  4. woooot woooot :)

    ok now we HAVE to find time to get together so you can teach me!!!

  5. That's so cool! I would have loved to be in Marianne's class! Nothing (and I mean nothing big) happens in northern California! (Boo-hoo)I'd have to drive 5 or 6 hours to anything noteworthy. Thank the Lord for the tutorials online!!
    Your post is so funny, just thought I'd share that I've been parking parallel since I was a teen (oldest of 6 kids, mom did not drive, thus I was required to know how since we had a BIG Honkin' Dodge van) I could give you lessons in exhange for Copic secrets! Ha!! ;-)

  6. Anonymous5:22 AM

    woot woot!.. Congrats Gloria.. and colouring is just gorgeous on both image... :D

  7. Gloria, I think you are a constant improvement! Not sure how that happens, your work has always been topnotch!!

  8. Congratulations Gloria!