Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Cutie Boy

My younger son is 7.5 years old (see the My Pals layout - he's on the right, in the red shirt and is wearing glasses). He's funny and amazing, and a trial to me every day! He's also stinkin' cute. I've been scrapping older photos of him, from his toddler and PreK years. These were HARD years with him and I know I did not enjoy him as much as I should have. So, scrapping these photos made me realize how wonderful and fun he really was. And all our issues had as much to do with ME as with him. Enjoy these new pages. He really is my cutie boy! Oh, and he said y'all are NOT to tell anyone about the photos of the tu-tu! He was about 2yo in that photo and had been playing at my friend's house. She only had

1 comment:

  1. Hi is a cutie!!! Tell him his secret is safe with me --- until his first girlfriend ;-).

    I have a similar picture of my son in a pink hat, high heeels and necklaces! FUN!