Sunday, September 07, 2008

This says it all...

(click on the cartoon to see a larger image)

You all know by know that I homeschool all of my kids, including my almost 17yo son. He's in 11th grade this year. We get a lot of negative (and nosy) comments about why we keep homeschooling him (we started when he was in 2nd grade). I think this comic says it all. No one needs to worry about his social interaction. He gets plenty - and it's the good kind! He's smart, funny, polite, kind, helpful, and has a very strong faith. He's also tall, runs fast, and is good with computers. And he makes digital scrapbook elements for his mom so she can create rockin' page sketches. He can drive, cooks amazing rice, mows the lawn, and babysits his siblings. What more can a mom ask for?!

I'm glad I've had this opportunity to get to know my child. The teen years do not have to be horrible and ugly. They can be fun and interesting. Then again, I don't have a teen, I have a young adult. In five weeks I will have a second "young adult" in the house. Let's see if there is a follow up post that sings a different tune!

- Gloria

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