Saturday, October 04, 2008

Crop Stop World Card Making Day Blog Hop - Stop #4

If you are joining me from Mel's Blog, welcome! If not, back up and do her challenge first. You should have visited Annie at Stop #1, Trace at Stop #2, and Mel at Stop #3 BEFORE coming here. If you messed up, eat some chocolate and start over.

What to Do:

1. Complete my Challenge below.

2. Upload your project to the Crop Stop WCMD Gallery at to be entered in the prize drawings.

3. If you also post a comment with a link to your project on my blog by Monday 8am, you will be entered to win a small prize from me!

4. Once you complete my Challenge, go to Vicki's blog for the last morning challenge.

5. If you want to participate in the 2pm Blog Hop, start with Vicki's blog at 2pm ET and get busy!

6. Have fun!

Gloria's Stop (#4) Challenge

Rule 1. You must use ONE of my sketches below to make a HOLIDAY card.

Rule 2. The Holiday must be Halloween, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving or Fall Themed, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Winter themed to qualify.

Rule 3. You must use at least ONE stamp on the card.

Rule 4. You must use at least ONE item that's been in your stash longer then 6 months. And you KNOW you have stuff that's been there that long! (If you've been paper crafting less than 6 months, you get a pass on this rule.)

Sketch #1 (click on the sketches or photos to see them in a larger size)

My Sample:

The fibers, eyelets, AND the stamps on this card have been in my house for YEARS! But they sure made a cute card!

Sketch #2

This sample also uses paper and stamps that I've had for a long time. Plus, both of these cards can be made with scraps! Cheap and fun!

Hope you had fun with this challenge and on this Blog Hop! Happy World Card Making Day!

- G.


  1. Great Sketch Challenge! :)

    Take a look at how your sketch inspired me:

    [hopefully that worked! :)]

    thanks again!

  2. I did sketch 2.
    Love the sketches.
    Now I am off too the next blog.

    and it can be found in the gallery here -

  3. Awesome sketches, Gloria. I am off to try and finish this blog hop!