Sunday, November 09, 2008

Million Dollar Friend

I received the Million Dollar Friend award from my new pal Vicki. Vicki is a super talented, fellow Pennsylvanian, and wonderful new friend. She sends me links to all her PA fall photos so I can feel homesick! hee hee Click the link and check out her blog!

I pass the award to 5 friends of my own! (Some of my pals do not yet they don't get an award!)

1. Sandy - because you are my BFF!

2. Beverly - because you are truly one in a million!

3. Lori - because you are so faithful to your craft and you WILL succeed!

4. Debbie - because you are uber talented!

5. Shannon - because you are so dedicated AND talented!

Now, pass it on!


  1. yep one in a million..on in a million what we are not saying LOL love ya sister!

  2. Why thank you! You're uber talented too! You made my day. :0)