Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Faith Sisters Scripture Challenges

If you've not checked it out yet, zip on over to Faith Sisters and check out the Scripture Challenges for 2009. Tuesday's Blog post shows all the current challenges!

I'm participating in several challenges by making a Scripture Rolodex! I purchased this type of Rolodex from Staples Office Supply, and am filling it with altered cards.

Here is my title card for the His Holy Name Challenge, and my card for Week 1 (Holy).

I've also included the text by Jean Nystrand, Executive Director of Bible Study Fellowship in my Rolodex.

I also participated in the Firm Resolutions in Christ Challenge by making these cards. Each card contains one resolution for the year, with a scripture to help me pray about each topic.

And in the My Prayers for You Challenge, by making a 12x12 layout of my friend's daughter, and also by making a title card and a Week 1 card for the Rolodex. (Bible-dex?)

As a bonus, personal project, I (with a group of scrappy friends - hey Triple "S" Sisterhood!) have selected a "word for the year" to pray about. I chose the word "PEACE." And here is my first card based on that word.

I hope you enjoy looking! And that you are inspired to start your own Bible-dex! This will be very handy on my desktop or nightstand - I can just grab a card and say a prayer or memorize some scripture!


  1. these are exquisite - i really love the last one - on peace. such a blessing to me today to read it! hey, i'm also doing HHN09.

    Wanted to stop by and tell you i saw your Cuttlebug Be Inspired challenge card on photobucket. it is wonderful! i love the folder you chose and how you used it just at the base. the hearts were a lovely touch! thanks for playing! i'll see you around blogland!

  2. What an inspirational blog!!! I'm going to have to start doing HHN09, just recently found out about it. I saw your project for the Cuttlebug challenge at photobucket and it is beautiful, you did a great job. Thanks for joining us this week.

  3. Good afternoon! Where did you find (or how did you make) the solid colored background for the Rolodex cards?

  4. Natalie, I made them. I trimmed cardstock to size and rounded the corners. Then I used a Rolodex punch to punch the holes. You can find the punch at places where Rolodex items are sold.

  5. Thank you very much!