Wednesday, February 04, 2009

My Big Fat Scrapbooking Weekend

I am home, mostly safe and sound, from my 3-day scrapbooking retreat. A trip which resulted in 1 blown transmission, 8 stitches, roughly 1200 miles of driving, 6 hours in the ER, and a 3-day migraine. You are on the edge or your seat NOW, aren't you?!

My very dear and very best friend drove from No. CA to my house in So. CA - an 8 hour drive...after blowing the transmission in her mini van and needing to swap the dead van for her daughter's car! We then drove 45 miles in my van to the mountain, so we went from sea level to about 7000 feet in under an hour - and from low 80s to high 40s in temperature! Here is a shot from near the top, showing the valley and more mountains.

Once at the retreat house, the two of us planned to spend three days with 6 other ladies scrapping and laughing and having a blast. Which we did...until the Great ER Fiasco. My very dear and very best-est friend, Sandy, she of blown transmission, managed to cut part of her finger off with a rotary quilting blade. Thus resulting in a few more trips up and down the mountain so we could spend 6+ hours in the ER and she could get stitches and I could get a migraine. Oh, well, the migraine was a bonus! NOT!

I am not sure Sandy will want to come and visit me again for a while, poor thing. She did manage to get a lot accomplished, even with 9 fingers! I did do some work, but not nearly all I had planned to do. I have to take photos of my projects, so while you wait, here are a few cards I made one of the days, using sketches from Lucy Chesna's blog.

And here are two cards I made from altered Rolodex cards for a challenge on Crop Stop.

The other ladies were SUPER creative and made some wonderful things! It was awesome to be around such creative energy! And here's hoping that next year is not quite as eventful!


  1. Some wonderful cards Gloria!

  2. Oh,you poor thing! What a bust for you and your friend. I do like the cards that you made!

  3. Can't wait to take some extra time to have a closer look!!