Sunday, August 09, 2009

365 Cards - Art Glitter Week - Sketchy Sunday

This is Art Glitter Week at 365 Cards! Art Glitter is our sponsor this week, and they sent the DT tons of glitter and goodies to play with. Now, I know there are some of you rolling on the floor with laughter right now because you know that I have, shall we say, a glitter phobia! And it was very scary for me to play with the glitter! But...I put on my big girl pants and rolled up my sleeves and just dived right in! I looked like had swam around in a glitter puddle when I was finished! I also had an bit of a "happening." As I was trying some techniques, I had several open pots of glitter on my desk and loose glitter all over the table...when the A/C kicked on! The vent blows right onto my desk! Glitter whooshed everywhere! It was so messy. I almost fainted!

But I did manage to make a card for Sketchy Sunday!

I used two techniques for this card. First, I rubbed glue onto a large brad, then dipped it into glitter to coat it. That worked pretty well and the brad was super sparkly. I ended up making a bunch of them.

The other technique I tried was covering a chipboard frame with glitter. I had a few false starts to this before I got it perfected. I found that I had to color the tag FIRST before I added the glue and glitter, otherwise the gray chipboard showed through. For this frame, I inked it with orange ink, then spread a thin layer of glue and covered the glue with glitter.

The paper used here is Bo Bunny and I think the cardstock is Close to My Heart.

Tune in tomorrow for another glitter card.


  1. Oh My...absolutely glitter-licious Gloria!

  2. well i have the same phobia of glitter!! thanks for the info on using it and your card is great!! :) guess i better use glitter as you told me to play by the rules and stay in line while your gone (but just wait until your back!!ha ha ha)

  3. oh that story is funny!! I would have fainted too! Love the card though. that paper is equally fun!

  4. Love the bright, cheery card...and how you've glammed it up with glitter.

    Your A/C glitter story made me laugh out loud. You're going to be finding glitter for weeks and weeks (I know this from a previous glitter mishap of my own). Oh, and thanks for sharing the tip about the chipboard, too. I wouldn't have known to colour it first.