Thursday, April 01, 2010

This Ain't Your Momma's April Fools!

Well, it's no foolin'....feast your eyeballs on this bad boy announcement!

The moment you have been waiting for...the announcement of the new [Graphic 45] Design Team!

Hello Everyone,

Although we had every intention of announcing the new team today, we are unable to come to a final decision.

We are not going to be making the announcement today.


{Ok, sorry I just had to do that}

So are you ready to learn who the new Graphic45 Design Team is? Today? Right Now? Well I am excited to tell you who it is....

But first, let me say thank you to each and every one of the finalists. The work that was sent in was incredible, we poured over each project, we debated, we scored, we debated some more and then finally realized that we had to add ONE MORE SPOT to the team! We just could not decide and if we continued to debate it, we could not make the announcement today.

Ok, Ok, I am getting to it, let me have a little fun with it. So without any further ado, CONGRATULATIONS to the following incredibly talented ladies (in no particular order):

Domestic Team
Christie Bryant
Tammy Roberts
Laura De La Rosa
Gloria Stengel <------ hey, do we know this person?!
Jade Moore
Tracey Locher
Candy Rosenberg (DT Coordinator)

International Team
Jenny Svennson
Jane Tregenza
Trisha Ladouceur

We are so very excited to have these ladies on the team for the next year! You are all going to be treated with some serious eye candy! We will be sharing information and submission projects with you over the months so keep an eye out and learn more about our new design team members.

Take a moment to help me welcome these ladies to the team by commenting on this post. We will be randomly choosing 2 of you to receive some yummy Graphic45 paper just for helping out!

Happy Crafting,

Candy Rosenberg


There you have it. As soon as I stop fainting and hitting my head on the keyboard I think I'll dance around in the front yard! YAHOOOOO!! Big congrats to my So. Cal. girl, Tracey! And to all the other girlies! It's gonna be a wild year! YIPEEEEE!


  1. I'm back again, this time to congratulate you on your reviel post! It's AWESOME!!! Congratulations and can't wait to see what you will do out of this the coming year!

  2. Oh My SWEET MOTHER OF PEARL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sooooooo very THRILLED for you GLORIA!!!!!! WOOT WOOT WOOTIE WOOT WOOT!!!!

  3. Congratulations, well deserved!

  4. Congrats Gloria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am super excited for you as I am for my self!!!!
    We will have a wonderful year!!!

    Newest DT member for G45,
    Laura De La Rosa
    The Vintage Key

  5. WHOOO!! Hoo!! Congrats Gloria!!!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Super excited for you Gloria! :)

  7. YAHOOOOOOO!!!! I am so thrilled for you girlfriend!!!!!
    make sure you get video of the front yard dance so i can post it to You Tube :) *snicker*

  8. just noticed the time you posted this exciting news! i should have known you would stay up all night checking the G45 blog LOL :) your a nut!! that is one more reason i love you :)

  9. They made a great choice Gloria - thrilled for you!


  10. Leapin' lizards!! Is that a dance? If so I'm doin' it with ya!! That's awesome Gloria!!! Whoo-hoo, I'm so excited for you!! You do fabbie vintage, so this is a perfect match!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! {HUGS}

  11. Wootie, woot, woot!!!

  12. WOOOOO HOOOOO!!! We made it, Gloria! I am still giddy over the announcement AND the fact that two San Diego gals made it (it just HAS to be the Luck of Ever After!!!) I LOVE the story of your husband stalking the G45 blog and "kissing his rock star!" Congrats, my new Sister! Looking forward to getting to know you better!!!

  13. CONGRATULATIONS!! Whoop WHoop I am super pumped!!! Love your creations it is NO WONDER they picked you chica!!! Super pumped for the year to come!!!

  14. Weeehoooo!
    Thats great news my friend!
    Big congrats to you!
    ....and I think you are right.... It´s gonna be a wild year!
    I´m soo looking forward to see what you will come up with.

    Have a great easter!
    // Sophia

  15. HIP HIP HOORAY!!!So happy for you you - can't wait to see everything you do! i have to get my lss to bring in this line for sure!!!

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  18. Congratulations! I'm so excited to be working on the G45 2010 Design Team with you!


  19. Whoo hoo, Chickie!!!! You ROCK!!!

  20. Gloria ~ CONGRATULATIONS my friend. What a Fabulous DT to be a part of. Can't wait to see all that you create.