Thursday, October 14, 2010

Distress EP

Embossing Powder. Not one of my favorite items. It's messy. There are too many steps. I use it from time to time, but it mostly sits in a bin and looks at me with sad embossing powder eyes. When I found out that our September challenge for LSS Club was to use Tim Holtz Distress EP, I got...well... distressed. I do not have any of that type of EP. Thankfully, Jacquie brought some for us to use at club, so I had a chance to see what all the fuss was about.

Now, regular embossing powder changes color when you heat it. You can ALWAYS tell when it's "done cooking." Distress EP does not change in the same way, and is MUCH harder to see when it's been melted properly. Plus, if you emboss printed paper, it makes it even harder. Since I never do things the easy way, I naturally embossed printed paper! Here is what I ended up with.

The pear and sentiment are embossed with Distress EP. It's a cool look, but I'm not totally sold on it. I did buy a jar of Vintage Photo...but I've not opened it yet.

The papers are all Graphic45 from the Botanicabella line. Lovely fall colors! The weather here is gloomy with a heavy marine layer. So it feels damp and nasty. The temp. reads 67 degrees. It is not fall-like at all! Phooey!


  1. I so know what you mean!! I'm so not into the mess, I've got enough of that already, however, the effect can be quite stunning as your details show! I think that the Distress EP is much more vintagy and looks wonderful on your card! I have the Peeled Paint Distress EP staring at me ;-)

  2. well i never have used distressed EP either. glad you were the "tester" lol fab fall card girl ;)

  3. I've not yet used Distress EP but I enjoy using regular EP. I Love the vintage look of your card. The colors compliment each other so well.

  4. Yup, I hear you on the embossing. But wow, it turned out so beautifully on the pear, didn't it ! And I hear you on the weather too - I always want it foggy and cool in the fall... maybe some wind and rain.