Saturday, April 23, 2011

From Card to Canvas

The other day some of my projects were shown on the Graphic45 Blog. And Kelly, our amazing blogging queen said, about my work:

 "She knows exactly how to capture an authentic vintage look in all of her crafts. It's just amazing!"

"She has such a refined sense of placement. Every detail in this gorgeous album is just perfect, as though it could exist no other way."

What an interesting thing for her to say. An "authentic vintage look"? I think that is highest praise, don't you? I love vintage items and to know that my art looks "authentic" is really quite a wonderful feeling! And to complement my "sense of placement" made me feel so accomplished! To me, nothing is more horrid than seeing vintage or collage-style work that looks as if the artist closed her eyes and just tossed items onto the canvas. The key to an eye-pleasing work is correct placement. I don't always hit a home run, that's for sure! But, Kelly's comments really made me happy!

Where am I going with this? Well here is the card that Kelly was talking about in her first comment; the one I made for my Graphic45 final design team project.

My card was returned to me and was sitting on my desk. In the meantime, Hampton Art Stamps asked me to make some altered canvases and shadowboxes for them. I had finished four projects and still had a 5x5 canvas left over. And that 5x5 card was just sitting there...  And I loved that card and I felt it was a nice piece of art...

So I changed out some of the elements to use Hampton Art/Graphic45 stamps, and to add some of the new Graphic45 metal. I used some modgepodge to attach the whole ball of wax to the canvas, and ta-da! An altered canvas!

My husband often tells me that some of my cards and scrapbook pages are "art" and that I need to frame them. I took his advice...  I like this project, and I hope that when Hampton Art shows it to the client that they like it, too!

Do you have a project that you can convert into something else? Maybe a card that can become art on the front of an altered notebook? Or a card front that would make an amazing bag topper or gift tag? A scrapbook page that can become wall art? Dig out some of your old projects and see what you can turn them into!


  1. well that is just why i don't do vintage! i just can't keep my eyes open!! lol

    and yes one day i do want to make some canvas out of my fav cards :)
    right now the only way cards i have made are on the way is due to hubby having all the ones i have made him hung up! lol

  2. You are definitely a card queen and to repurpose that beautiful design was genius!