Thursday, August 02, 2012

Welcome to My Studio!

Good morning! Today I am giving you a peak into my studio! Graphic 45 asked the team to share photos or a video of our studios, and today is my day to share! I have shared photos in the past, but they were from a few years ago and things have changed a bit since then.

When Graphic 45 asked me to do this, I had just finished making all of my CHA projects and the space was a "ginormous" mess! However, once I had cleaned it up, we decided to put new flooring into our whole upstairs! That meant tearing down the entire space! What a job!

Once I had everything all reorganized, I did a video for you to show you how I store things and where I work!

Graphic 45 also asked us some crafty questions, and here are my answers.

What do you love most about your crafting space?

I love that it is a large space, with a lot of work surface and storage options. I like to spread out when I design, which means a large workspace is necessary. I also like that my computer and printer are in the same room as my studio. I also have a lot of natural light during mid-day.

What tips do you have for keeping your crafting space organized?

My best tip is that each crafter should use organization that works best for her. We all have different needs and we should all use a system that fits our personal crafting style and the type of products that we need to store. I like the look of vintage storage, but it is not practical for my space or my "collection" of products. My second tip is to tidy up the space between large projects. And my third tip is to find a home for the new items you purchase, as soon as possible!

Did you have a particular plan when you created your crafting space or did it just come together over time?

My space grew over time. I have moved 6 times since I started paper crafting. With each move, I had to set up a new studio space. I have been in my current space for 7 years and I have had two major changes to the space in that time. As my craft life changes and I add more or different products to the mix, I have to change or alter my storage. I don't "get married" to any one storage solution, because I may have to toss it when it no longer works for me!

Do you have a fun or nostalgic piece of decorating in your crafting space that inspires you while you craft?

I keep some of my favorite projects on display. I am inspired by my own work, as crazy as that sounds! When I have crafters' block, I look back on a piece of work that I am especially proud of and draw confidence and inspiration from it.


  1. Love your craft room! Very organized and a great selection of supplies!! Blessings!

  2. I love all that space you have..and how you've organized your room, shared how & what you are storing to help give me ideas..loving your new floor & color. thanks for sharing.

  3. Love how you kept all your tools handy Gloria! Thank you for sharing your practical solutions! I need to get some plastic bins for my 6x6 paper pads too! :)

  4. love your new floor!!!

    well i must say your studio is much neater then it was when i showed up!! lol

  5. What a beautiful craft room Gloria!! It's nice to have so much space and the floors look terrific. :)

  6. Can't wait to come over and day, for sure:)