Thursday, November 29, 2012

Let's Make Some Christmas Cards!

After such a busy week last week, this week the blog is pretty slow! I thought I would share some Christmas cards to give you some ideas for making your own this year. Keep in mind...some of these are great for mass-production, some are NOT. {wink}

The first two are new, just made in the past few weeks. I have a thing for reindeer...

I love this reindeer stamp (Hampton Art Stamps). It's so pretty, and easy to stamp in any color. I added a glitter pen to the snow, which again is easy and fast. I could remake this in bulk, with fewer layers and less ribbon.

I love this one, but it's too bulky to make in large quantities. Someone special will get this one-of-a-kind card this year. {grin}
These next three were from last year's stash.

I loved this card so much that I stamped a bunch of this image to color for THIS year's cards, but so far have colored...ummm....counting....NONE! I had planned to make about 30 cards with her, but I had added sparkly fluff to the fur and glitter to the tree...oi vey! Too much work to make 30 cards!

Another of my favorites from last year, but way too bulky to make, well, in bulk!

This one was my number one favorite from last year. Again, a bit bulky and fussy to make in large quantities. Unless you start your cards in July rather than 2 weeks before Christmas!
Here are a few of my favorite cards from seasons past.

This is an easy one to make in quantities. I did add bling to the ribbon - you could leave that off. The coloring is pretty easy on this one, and I used glitter pen rather than glitter on the berries. This is a great design for using up scraps of designer paper, too.

This one could be "de-bulked" a bit, but using a pre-made image is so fast for making multiple cards. Many companies have these vintage images now. You could buy some various sheets of printed images or print some on your computer. Those of you with time on your hands could stamp and color Santa.

Told ya that I have a thing for deer! This is a card from when I was first learning to use Copics. Again, simple layout without much fuss.

This one makes use of an icicle border punch, which I had just purchased the year I made this card. I love the circles, but it's a bit tedious to die cut all of those! If you have an electronic cutter that does circles, that would be the way to go for making quantities. Put your kids to work with the border punch!

Another one with a pre-made image (Graphic 45). A little bit of bulk, but not too much.

It is easy to stamp a large image in one color for bulk card making. I love these Graphic 45 images (Hampton Art Stamps). The tag hangs free. It is not hanging off the edge, therefore the card will fit in the envelope.

I think that is enough for you to get some ideas! I will have more NEW cards in the coming weeks.

A few notes about envelopes: I make a lot of square cards. However, the US post office charges extra to mail square cards! Plus, even more if I have to use a padded mailer. Such is life! There are lots of online places to buy square envelopes. Do your homework and pick one that has good prices and low shipping. I usually go in with friends and buy bulk quantities to avoid shipping costs.

For A2 size envelopes, I buy those either online in bulk or from an office supply store. I like to get the cream envelopes and those are hard to find locally, hence online ordering!


  1. Wow soo many beautiful cards. GTreat inspiration.

  2. I love your cards, Gloria...the simple ones, the "fussy" ones, the bulky ones and the thin ones. They are all lovely,and you have such a good eye for color and design. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to have to see if I can find that Hampton art stamp that mimics the image from G45...I love it!

  3. How do I pick a favorite?! They are all gorgeous!

  4. How do I pick a favorite?! They are all gorgeous!

  5. Wow, Gloria! So many GORGEOUS cards! Thank you so much for the wonderful inspiration!...Nancy :o)

  6. To bulk it up or not to? My theory is if I make it and it is too bulky to mail, I just keep it for myself! :) Gloria as always your cards are so beautiful ~ and inspiring. I can PM my address if you need to get mine in the mail ~ wink wink ....

  7. Great cards and lots of inspiration. Plain or dressy. Choices. thanks as always for sharing.

  8. Love your cards, Gloria! So much inspiration. Thank you.

  9. Gloria, your designs are just exquisite! I'm so delighted to have found your blog through Graphic45. I showcased a few of your designs on my blog at
    Thanks for letting me view and share your lovely work. Mary

  10. I have made a few cards, but have a few to go. Loving a couple of these that just might be the inspiration I was looking for! Thanks for all the beautiful inspiration!

  11. Beautiful cards...especially the vintage Santa. Thanks for sharing!

  12. thanks for sharing gloria...
    ava g

  13. Gloria, Gloria, WOW!! What more can I say? You are a talented artist!! Super inspiration found on this blog!!