Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 - A Year in Review

Happy New Year! Here is to a wonderful 2014!!

I try to do a project "year in review" each year. I like to look back on my "life's work" and I think many of you Readers like it, too!

I picked a bunch of projects that I made during 2013. I chose those that I really liked. Either I just liked the finished result or I liked the technique - something about this set of projects just "hit the bull's eye"! This post is LONG and photo-heavy, so grab a snack and settle in!

I created this card for a guest DT spot with Our Daily Bread Designs. I love how it came together. I love the paper, the stamps, the crinkled edges, the paper piercing. All of it!

I made this canvas for Hampton Art in the late summer/early fall. I had not done any "all mixed media" in a while so I really enjoyed this project. I just let my messy flag wave and had a blast!

This card has been around the block. It appeared at Winter 2013 CHA, was published in a magazine, was used on several blogs, plus I featured it on my blog as part of a card series. It is one of my all time favorite projects ever. I love the image, love the papers, love it all to pieces!

I created this shadow box/photo frame for a friend (who has finally received the project!). I love this paper and had a fun time altering the box, chipboard, and metal items.

This is another card from my card series. This one was published as well. Yes, I sure love me some Graphic 45 paper!

 Here is another take on the Valentine image! I love mixing patterned paper!

Proof that I do have paper other than Graphic 45 in my stash! I don't do pink often, but sometimes...I just love something girlie! And again, there is a nice mix of prints here!

This card is one of those cards that just jazzed me up. I don't stamp directly onto paper very often, but this just worked out so well. I was so impressed with it when I was finished. I really love the IBS stamps! So pretty!

I created this mini for Hampton Art, for their CHA booth. You need to see the inside - here is the LINK for the "guts." It is one of those projects that I enjoyed making so much that I hated to send it off.

This is a wooden box that I made for my daughter to put her art pencils into. I love gluing a mix of flowers, metal, and other junk to stuff. It makes me happy!

I did not have much time to color with Copics in 2013. This is one of the few times I did. I love the little image and all the layering and embossing on this card.

And here is another Easter-y card. Embossing, banners, stamps, oh my! I love kraft and pink together!

Ok, here is a spring-time card that I made for the Graphic 45 Place in Time card class series. If you want the project sheets for the year, click HERE.  I love how this one turned out. 

I don't do very many "white space" creations. But every once in a while, I make one and BAM, it just turns out so well.

I did not do very many page layouts in 2013. I was so busy with card work and altered items. I made this one for Hampton Art for winter CHA. I loved playing with mixed media stuff! I grew up on the banks of this creek in central Pennsylvania. It's so beautiful.

Sometimes, a card comes together and it has a look about it that is so peaceful. That is how I feel about this card that I made for one of the Graphic 45 Newsletter tutorials.

Another card from my Place in Time monthly set. This one is for a wedding (or anniversary).

I made this card for my niece's wedding this past June. Her colors were purple, yellow, and green. I really love how this turned out, especially the flowers and layering!

This one was from the G45 retailer card classes. I love the rosette! And the beachy feel. Here is the project sheet for it.

And another one for summer. Adore the girls and the stars. I have a think for red, white, and blue! Oh and banners, love 'em!

Like I said, I love red, white, and blue. I bleed it! I love my country (not it's politics, but the earth, the people, the constitution, you get my drift). My dad and all four brothers served in our military. I made this layout of my 2nd oldest brother. It is simple, but I just love it.

I used the same photo to make a shadow box. Love love love the rosettes and the stamping!

This card is one of those that, when I look at it, I think....wow, that's pretty! I really like all the printed papers! (Not Graphic 45, notice! hee hee)

This card is one of those that I look at and think, "Did I make that?" It is fun and has a few great techniques! I "felted" the paper for the flower using,,,chalk! I mean, really?!!

This is another one that is not my normal style. I used a lot of glitter. That for a start is not me! {giggle}

And, classic Graphic 45! French country, ooh la la. What more can I say. Oh, and chalkboard! 

I love this one because it is back to my "roots" of collage stamping!

Ok, this is a tag that must weigh 10 pounds! I love it. It has so much going on that I can sit and gaze at it for hours. {Maybe I do need a 12-step program!}

Love the flowers and the flowered paper. And the red. 

An easel card. Gotta love those, right. Here is the project sheet for this one!

And because I love that image and paper so much, another card! Layers. Ahhhhh, so nice!

One of my all time favorite mini albums! This album is filled with goodness. Here is a LINK to see the inside! 

I adore that image. I just think is is so precious! So...

I used it twice! {wink} This one has a project sheet. Click HERE

I cannot resist a rosette! I think this is so fun! Here is the project sheet for it!

Awesome mini book, with TAGS! Too fun for words! And there is a project sheet for you!

Another lovely image! Fall colors are my favorite colors! Plus, I love pumpkins! {And pumpkin pie!}

This is a mixed media piece that I made. I used a white wash technique on the papers. I love how this turned out. I really love it, but I gave this to my friend, Jacquie for Christmas. I may have to take it back.... {just kidding!}

There is nothing like making a box and stuffing it with cards! This project was HARD, but the end result was so cool. Check HERE for project sheets.

Ok, the rest of these are Christmas cards. I love vintage Christmas images!

As you can see, I love love love to layer papers! The process of choosing papers it the most fun! I love it when I pull out several manufacturers and mix and match papers. It is like a puzzle and a game all at once. 

I hope you enjoyed this stroll through 2013! Have a Happy and Blessed New Year!


  1. Wow Gloria...these are all STUNNING LOVE them all xxx

  2. WOW is exactly the right word! Awesome look back on some of your gorgeous projects! I really admire the way you can mix patterns and have them look so perfect together.

  3. I'm such a huge fan of your work Gloria, I could just stare at them forever. My fav of the year is the pencil box, but I'm always inspired by your cards. I wish I had a fraction of your talent. Thank you for sharing so open and honestly, it is much appreciated! Happy new year :)

  4. Wow! Amazing projects, Gloria. I love all your work. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  5. I have to ask a technical question here... As I sat and stared at all the beauty I kept wondering two things: what paper trimmer do you use, and how do you get your matting so perfect each and every time! Is there a tool of some sort you use? Because never in a million years would I get even one card to look so good... And I am not talking about the creative process, just that my mats are never equal on all sides as yours are. (No use talking about the creative part, you are blessed with genius and I am not... Which us ok, I just wish I could make decent cards, LOL.) thank you for the inspiration Gloria and wishing you lots of health in the new year.

  6. What a prolific papercrafter you are! It's hard to believe that these are just your faves & don't include everything you made this year! All are so pretty!

  7. WOW I cannot pick my favourite card from this collection of your 2013 favourites but I absolutely LOVE that canvas and shadow box so beautiful thanks for the inspiration x

  8. I have been waiting for a time to look at this post so that I could really savor it. Oh, my heart is just overflowing with all the beauty you have created in 2013, Gloria, you really have a special gift when it comes to paper art. I will not call it crafting...because your work rises far above that label. These pieces are lyrical...poetry in paper if you will. You have such a great eye for color and design and you combine patterns better than anyone in the field. You also know when to stop adding things to a piece. Each of these projects is embellished to the exact peak of perfection and not one bit below or beyond. It's very impressive. Thank you for all the hundreds and thousands of hours you've poured into creating art and then for sharing it with us...and then on top of that for writing such clear and concise tutorials. You truly are an amazing gal! Hugs!