Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Artsy Hands!

First a disclaimer....this blog is my craft blog, and as such, I am always "selling" you product, right? Well, this time I am hosting an online I am still trying to "sell" you stuff! {grin}

If you are a paper crafter and you are on Facebook, you cannot escape Jamberry Nails! They are everywhere. They are popular with all age groups and all fashion styles! I am so surprised at how popular these are with the crafty ladies!  

Jamberry is a home party company that sells nail wraps. Now, I was super skeptical. I love pretty nails but I NEVER do my nails because I am so hard on them. I mean, I am the person who wrecks a few between the salon and the car, and a few more before I get home! And painting my own nails....takes me hours and I usually have to start over a few times and they look horrid! So...I tried the wraps! Look how pretty! This is Kiss Me Ombre (pink) and Carmen Ombre (flowers). These lasted for 11 days! And even then, only a few needed to be replaced, but I decided to change them all. 

My daughter picked this set (these are my hands), Fruit Punch and Sunset Beach (palm tree). However, she decided she did not wish to do the nails again. So...I decided to try her selections. This set lasted about 9 days, and they would have lasted longer, but....I picked at them where they were starting to grow out and show the nail bed! {shame!}

This set is Candy Chevron and Fruit Punch. I will tell you...I am super hard on my hands and nails. You all know that I make messy craft stuff every day! Well....nothing messed these up! I had blue fingers one day from inks and mists, but NOTHING stuck to the nail wraps! Nothing! A baby wipe took it off lickety split! This set lasted me 7 days and I took them off only because I wanted a NEW LOOK.

Ok, I purchased more wraps! This is Neptune (stripes) with a Deep Sea accent nail. So summery! It takes me about 45 minutes to prep my nails and apply the wraps. I confess, I am pretty good with my off hand (I am left handed), but once you get the hang of putting these on, it is so much easier than polish! And NO DRY TIME! NO TOP COAT! About 3 seconds after I finished this set, I was loading laundry! 

 If you would like to try these, I have a Facebook Party going on HERE. Message me and I will invite you. Or, if you just want to order under my party, click HERE

Jamberrry has a BUY THREE GET ONE FREE deal, which makes each set of wraps $11.25 (regular price is $15). You get 2 manicures and 2 pedicures, plus lots of left-over wraps for accents from each set of wraps! ONE mani is at least $15, and for me, lasts about 20 minutes! The wraps last 2 weeks on hands and 4 weeks on toes. I just took my toe wraps off, and they were on 3 1/2 weeks.

Comment on this post and I will pick a winner to receive a few accent nails to try! All you need is a hair dryer (or the Jamberry Heater, which I love), a nail file, and nail scissors. An orange stick/cuticle pusher is helpful, and maybe a pair of tweezers. 

I am NOT a Jamberry Consultant! And don't plan to become one. My consultant is Bonnie Garby, who is the owner of Really Reasonable Ribbon, and my amazing friend! {I just want to earn some free wraps!} 

Ok, back to your day! {grin}


  1. I thought long about getting the Neptune Stripes, I really like them :) I decided on the Fruit Punch because they are Ashley's colors and we could split a set. Saw several others I liked but thought I'd try them out first since I own so much polish.

  2. Ok, I was a nail tech for years now retired. I have never heard of these. They are so cool!!

  3. Wow. Your nails look fabulous. I'd love to try them. Count me in.

  4. wow Gloria these are gorgeous , so arty and delish .... thanks for your loving words on my blog .. big hugz x

    I was on Pinterest (I am addicted ) and came across your stunning Graphic45 albumn .. you have a tutorial on it too, just FABULOUS and so inspiring ,, thanks for sharing .. xoxo