Monday, June 19, 2017

Pardon the Mess!

For those of you who have stopped by to see the Graphic 45 June Folio projects, I apologize. I am putting the monthly projects on hold for the summer. We will catch up again in a few months. Frankly, I cannot manage any large projects just now, because my studio... a colossal mess! Not only am I reorganizing and purging, but we plan to paint the walls! It is not easy to move so much stuff in order to even get to the walls!

My studio space is very large, and is an open "loft" space in the upstairs. The area separates the master bedroom from the three guest bedrooms and bath. I have always shared this space with our homeschool. However, now that the last child is ready for college, I can claim the whole space for myself! {insert evil laughter here}  
I am purging homeschool items, and reorganizing my craft items (again). Plus cleaning and dusting things that...I am not sure when they were cleaned last! I am also trying to decide if I need more storage, or if I just need to PURGE some of the hoard! 

My goal is to get things set up in a way that makes the most sense for how I use each item. The space is generous, so there is no reason why I cannot have it function better! 

Once I finish, I will do a little video to show it off. I will have some small posts over the summer, but no larger projects until I get this mess sorted! Wish me luck...I am going in! 


  1. Gloria, I can well identify with the need to take time to regroup my crafting area. I've been gradually working on it for over a month and will need at least that much longer (in between everything else in life)! I'll miss your creative posts but I'm looking forward to seeing the end results of your reorganization.

  2. Reorganizing is always a great idea, Gloria. Wish you luck!

  3. It looks pretty good to me, Gloria! You would faint if you saw my Closet! Take your time and enjoy the process! I can't wait to see the end product! Hugs!

  4. You should see my mess, it means you're busy creating and that's GOOD!

  5. Oh boy, I can relate! I moved and painted, then don't like the paint and need to start over! My space is tiny, so any mess makes me crazy! Can't wait to see your video tour when you're done. Maybe fall will help you with the nesting and settling of your space. Best wishes, Autumn (Mini Album Makers Challenge)

  6. Would love to see the finished room!!!

    1. I will do a video as soon as I am finished. I had to take a break from crafting to do the room and then take a break from doing the room to deal with's a vicious circle. LOL